3. Requirement for Application<

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  1. Applicants should be nominated by their government in accordance with the procedures mentioned in IV-1 below.
  2. Applicants should have occupational experiences of more than two years as directors, managers and instructors at (sheltered) workshops/work centers or vocational rehabilitation centers who resume duties in grassroots levels (such as NGOs) concerning employment and vocational rehabilitation for persons with disabilities on their return. Those who work in grassroots levels will be given higher priority over governmental officers.
  3. Applicants should be no less than twenty-eight (28) years and no more than forty-two (42) years of age.
  4. Applicants should have a fluent command of spoken and written English. The English proficiency equivalent to the score of TOEFL higher than 500 is desirable. Those who do not reach the required level of English will be disqualified even after their nomination.
  5. Applicants who have disabilities will be given higher priority.
  6. Applicants should be in good health to undergo the training.
    *As the course contains many observation trips that would be too demanding for pregnant women, pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation in this training course.
  7. Applicants who have already participated in JICA’s relating training courses in the past will be given lower priority than those without experience of participation in JICA training.
  8. Applicants should not be serving in the military.


Participants are required;

  1. not to change course subjects or extend the course period,
  2. not to bring any members of their family,
  3. to return to their home countries at the end of their course according to the international travel schedule designated by JICA,
  4. to refrain from engaging in political activities or any form of employment for profit or gain, and
  5. to observe the rules and regulations of their place of accommodation and not to change accommodations designated by JICA.


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