JHC Itabashi

It is for all members to participate in the creation of a community in which all members participate. It is for a citizen to sympathize and accept the needs of another citizen, a person with mental disability, as though they were his own and sort them out to identify them as needs in the course of leading basic social living according to which the citizens form self-aware posture to tackle the issues. These activities are to be carried out under the watchful eyes and reverberations from the citizenry. The support service is intended for a person not to stand alone and not leave anyone standing alone and it will be tested for its true value as it evolves into comprehensible, friendly and accessible service so that no one may be left standing alone to fend himself.

The principles governing JHC Itabashi’s activities encompass the following three points:

  1. Need-based service has made it essential to offer diversified kinds of substantial services. QOL in independent living.
  2. Empowerment and advocacy through provision of order-made services with persons with mental disabilities themselves joining in collaboration.
  3. To aim at realization of normalization which attaches importance to the collaboration with area residents.

These conform with the principles of CBR, community based rehabilitation, the policy recommendation made jointly by WHO, UNESCO and ILO in 1994. (See Table 10)

Table 10: Principles of JHC Itabashi Activities

  • Securing diversity of activities :
  • The mutual support activities and external support of persons with mental disabilities themselves :
  • Attaching importance to collaboration with area residents:
    CBR: Community based Rehabilitation

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