WITH celebrates its 11th anniversary this year. In the last 10 years, WITH has given more than 30 people with disabilities courage and power to live this life.

This tiny sheltered workshop in small city of Hamamatsu has helped as many as 30 people, or probably as few as 30 people. There exist 10 times or even 100 times more people in Shizuoka Prefecture alone who are living everyday suffering from frustration without having a place to go, without knowing about the rehabilitation of persons with visual impairments. There exist people who give up on their lives.

Therefore it is urgently necessary to train manpower in rehabilitation for persons with visual impairments in each location and to establish places where they can make an active role using their expertise. We wish to see small scale workshops like WITH all over Japan where rehabilitations for persons with visual impairments can be provided. To take part in building society where more and more persons with visual impairments can live full of life with hopes and courage… this is the dream of WITH

WITH is small but earnest. Please come and visit us at WITH.

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