Current Situation of Employment of PWDs in Japan

To understand the current situation of employment of PWDs in Japan from both perspectives of a regular labor market and welfare facilities with their problems to be solved.

To understand the outline of the related laws and measures to promote employment of PWDs.

In particular, the issue of the transition from welfare facilities to open labor market will be focused in the lecture, because it is one of the significant issues the recent vocational rehabilitation is facing in Japan.

Key words :

employment of PWDs open labor market sheltered workshops social employment small size community workshop work settings in welfare facilities transition quota scheme legal quota levy and grant system special affiliated companies The Law for Employment etc, of the Disabled Persons Wages


  1. Open employment : Competitive employment
  2. Industrial workshops : Welfare factories
  3. Sheltered employment : Sheltered workshops, Social employment, Social employment centers
  4. Community (based small size) workshops
  5. Work centers : 2,3,4
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