Initiatives for care management

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  • Establishment of a Development and Promotion of a Care Management System for Persons with Disabilities Review Committee
    A project implemented by prefectures and designated cities
  • Implementation of training courses for nurturing of professionals to be engaged in care management for persons with disabilities
  • Implementation of promotion projects (on a trial basis)

Care management is a form of assistance provided with the objective of supporting community living of persons with disabilities, taking into consideration the will of those who opt for receiving such assistance. Situated among the regional social resources, care management links the wide-ranging needs of persons with disabilities, such as needs for welfare, healthcare, medical care, education and employment, with various services and provides appropriate coordination. Care management also ensures the provision of comprehensive and sustainable services and promotes further improvement and development of social resources.

Principles of care management for persons with disabilities

  • Consideration for the human rights of users
  • Grasping of the overall needs of persons with disabilities and searching of social resources that match those needs
  • Setting of targets for and planned implementation of care
  • Realization of comprehensive services including welfare, healthcare, medical care, education and employment
  • Respect of privacy
  • Provision of consultation services

Flow of care management for persons with disabilities


Summary of welfare for persons with disabilities

Principle : Normalization
Goal : Support of community living
Specific measures : Improvement of regional welfare services
Methodology : Care management

Persons with intellectual disabilities and transfer to local communities

In line with the principles for normalization and self-determination, efforts shall be made to transfer persons with intellectual disabilities from facilities which provide care around the clock to local group homes.

Creation of a system for support of community living

Future measures for mental health medical care and welfare

Basic concept

Medical care and welfare for mental health should shift from services provided mainly in hospitals to local healthcare, medical care and welfare.

Specific measures

Discharge from hospitals and social reintegration of approximately 72,000 hospitalized patients with mental illnesses who “can be discharged under the right conditions.”

Future tasks in welfare for persons with disabilities

  • Empowerment of persons with disabilities and organizations of persons with disabilities
  • Protection of rights of persons with disabilities
  • Welfare in an age of financial difficulties
  • Law Against Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities

Reviewing the current operation of facilities (New Basic Plan for Persons with Disabilities)

“Thorough examination of the facility system from the viewpoint of functions of facilities”

“Based on the actual situation in local communities, only the absolutely necessary facilities shall be preserved.”

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