Community Visit

Coordinator : Yoshimichi Ogawa, Department of Welfare Systems Engineering Kanagawa Institute of Technology

1. Purpose of Community Visit

JICA participants should:

  • Understand who improves the situation of people with disabilities by discussion with a member of the Astugi City Assembly, and with Mr. Utsumi who has CP and is an electric wheelchair user.
  • Understand how people with severe disabilities make their own life by listening to Ms. Fukushima and Mr. & Mrs. Machida.
  • Understand the difficulties to manage a vulnerable workshop in local community through the visiting ASUNARO workshop.

2. The population of Atsugi City

  • Total Population ;  222,826 (2006)
  • Elderly people (over 65);  29,879 (13.41%)

Registered disabled people in Atsugi City

  • People with physical impairment :   2,757
  • People with visual impairment :   380
  • People with audio – speech impairment :   415
  • People with other physical impairment :   1,197
  • People with intellectual disabilities :   842
  • People with psychiatric disorder :   428

3. Time table of Community Visit

(estimated time)

9:30 Atsugi City Hall
11:30 ASUNARO Workshop
12:00 Lunch (served by the ASUNARO)
13:30 Mr. & Mrs. Fukushima’s home
15:00 Mr. & Mrs. Machidaf’s home
16:00 Leaving Atsugi City

4. Contents of Community Visit


Mr. Utsumi, Member of the City Assembly

Visit to the Atsugi City Council


  • 1977 graduated from the special school for children with physical disabilities
  • 1981 participated in the Disability Independent Living Movement
  • 1988 had a job as a coordinator at the dental clinic
  • 1999 elected a member of Atsugi City Assembly
  • 2003 elected a member for the second time
  • His family: a wife and 3 children.
  • Impairment: Cerebral Palsy, a user of an electric wheelchair


JICA participants should :

  • Compare the national policy of community care to the reality of the local situation. (Participants have a lecture on the Japanese Welfare Systems on the 25th of May.)
  • Understand what has happened surrounding people with disabilities in the local community.
  • nderstand the role of the national government and local government concerning social services for people with disabilities.


ASUNARO regional workshop

Director : Mr. Machida


JICA participants should:

  • Understand the management of the small workshop operated by a self help organization.
  • Understand the financial problem.
  • Understand the importance of the regional workshopfs role for the attendees in the community.


Lunch with the members with disabilities of ASUNARO

(The volunteers and staff members cook lunch for the attendees. JICA participants will take the same simple lunch.)


Mrs. & Mr. Fukushima

  • House type: Public house
    (provided by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government)
  • Impairment :
    • Mrs. Fukushima: rheumatism (now, severe quadriplegia)
    • Mr. Fukushima: totally blind


JICA participants should :

  • Understand the housing supply from the local government.
  • Understand the daily life of people with severe disabilities.
  • Understand what happens in her life.


Mr. & Mrs. Machida

  • House type : detached house
  • Impairements :
    • Mr. Machida: spinal cord injury (quadriplegia)
    • Mrs. Machida : cerebral palsy (quadriplegia)


JICA participants should :

  • Understand the effectiveness of the environment of their house for independent living of people with physical disabilities.
  • Understand what is their quality of life.
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