• Items that show your organizations experience, expertise and track record
  • More is not better, pick items strategically
  • Include a cover sheet for this – mark each items with a number or title.

* What types of things will you include here?

For the next workshop

on June 27, prepare a proposal based on a real project you are planning.

Follow this outline :

  1. Executive summary
    • Problem/needs and project as solution
    • Funding request
    • Your org. introduction
  2. Introduction
  3. Statement of need
    • Matching priorities needs statement, supporting facts, partners, sustainability etc.
  4. Goals and objectives
    • Goals : broad general accomplishments
    • Objectives : concrete measurable outcomes to be achieved
  5. Project description
    • Methods, timeline, phases of project
    • Details of how and who will do what you plan
  6. Monitoring, evaluation
    • How and what you will measure : progress, success & outcomes.
    • Sustainability of project and next steps
  7. Organizational background
    • History, mission, vision, accomplishments to date
  8. Narrative conclusion
    • Last pitch, what you will achieve, why important, who needs you are fulfilling, why innovative
  9. Budget (1-3pages)
    • Admin, direct program, overhead (+see next section)
    • Income if any, other funders, how you will make up for gaps etc.
  10. Appendices
Copied title and URL