“Our Activities”

Anyone with intellectual disabilities who is 18 or older.

* Membership fee :

2,700 yen per year

* Purpose :

This association aims to promote exchange friendship, and community living, through discussion on the members’ daily living, sport and hiking.

* Operation of the association :

  • This association’s activities are decided at meetings of the steering committee.
  • “Directors are decided at a general assembly from among candidates selected by the steering committee.”
  • Committeepersons are selected by election at a general assembly.
  • Yuuaikai has rules.

* Operation of the association :

The steering committee consists of the following 16 committee members :

  • one representative,
  • two secretaries,
  • two vice-representatives,
  • two accounting auditors,
  • two accountants,
  • and seven committeepersons.

* Annual activities

April : bus – hike
June : general assembly
October : exchange meeting
January : New Year banquet

* “Circle activities”

Bowling club, sports club, karaoke club, and flower arrangement club

– Circle activities are conducted five times a year : March, May, September, November, and December

* External activities

  • – Yuuaikai participates in the Tokyo-to Ikuseikai convention.
  • – Yuuaikai attends a dialog assembly and presents collected requests to Tokyo metropolitan government.
  • – Participation in the Zennippon Te-wo-tsunagu Ikuseikai (Inclusion Japan) / national convention / Honninbukai.
  • – Participation in the Kanto Koshinetsu convention. Participation in supporters’ seminars.
  • – Participation in other conventions / events, as decided by the steering committee, as needed.
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