“Self-Advocacy Resolution”

It has been 60 years since the atomic bomb was dropped to Hiroshima City. We concluded our resolution by gathering our peers’ voices, and also we would like to pray for eternal peace in here, Hiroshima City.

1. To participate in a decision making process

  • Please include us in a decision-making process. We request Inclusion Japan, government, family, and siblings not to decide anything without consultation to us.

2. Society

  • Please lend us comfortable apartments and public houses without any constraint.
  • Please let our society be the place where is easy to work for persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • Please facilitate the unregistered persons with intellectual disabilities to enable to receive the certificate and the basic pension for persons with disabilities.
  • In order to enable us to access casually to a consultation section at government office, please let us know in advance when government is going to have personnel transfers for the consultation section.
  • Please let many persons with intellectual disabilities know about various service sections available for us at government.
  • Please keep personal information confidential.
  • Please let us know in details about the Law concerning Self-Reliance Support for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Please consider together with us about opportunities and educational methods to enable us to be integrated into society.
  • To expand our self-advocacy movement, we would like to increase the number of our friends and peers through the mutual interaction.

The above was resolved.

13th November 2006

54th Inclusion Japan National Forum in Hiroshima City.

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