Rules of Honninbukai / Yuuaikai

Tokyo-to Ikuseikai Honninbukai / Yuuaikai.

2. Members :

Anyone with intellectual disabilities, of age 18 or older, is eligible for membership.

3. Purpose:

This association aims to promote exchange, friendship and community living, through discussion on the members’ daily living, sport and hiking.

4. Membership fee

  1. Members are to pay a regulated membership fee. Membership may be terminated if the fee is not paid for a year or longer, based on the judgment by the steering committee.
  2. Some of the activity costs may be covered by individual members.

5. The fiscal year of Yuuaikai starts on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year.

6. Operation of the association :

  1. This association’s activities are formulated by the steering committee. The steering committee consists of the following 16 committee members : one representative, two secretaries, two vice-representatives, two accounting auditors, two accountants, and seven committeepersons.
  2. Important things are considered by the board of directors and determined by the steering committee.
  3. There are nine directors, consisting of a representative, vice-representatives, secretaries, accountants, and accounting auditors. The steering committee consists of directors and seven committeepersons.

7. Selection of committeepersons and decision on directors

1) Committee persons are elected by members during a general assembly. The steering committee selects new directors and committee persons before the next general assembly, and the general assembly decides on the selections. 2) The term for directors and committeepersons is one year. They can be reelected for a consecutive term.

8. General assembly :

A general assembly is held once a year.

The assembly’s missions are as follows. 1) To elect committeepersons. 2) To appoint directors. 3) To formulate the membership fee. 4) To establish an annual activity plan and budget. 5) To approve activity reports and account settlement.

9. Marriage and death of members

When a member marries, 10,000 yen is given as a gift. When a member deceases, 5,000 yen is given as condolence money.

10. Rules other than these are regulated by the steering committee.

11. When a rule needs to be changed :

When a rule needs to be changed, it will be discussed by the steering committee, and then deliberated at the annual general assembly. June 19, 1994

Supplementary provisions June 16, 1996 : partially revised June 29, 1997 : partially revised June 20, 1999 : partially revised

Tokyo Intellectually Disabled Persons’ Ikuseikai / Honninbukai

Invitation to Yuuaikai

Hello, we are Yuuaikai.

Yuuaikai is an association Honninbukai established within the Tokyo Intellectually Disabled Persons’ Ikuseikai (Parents’ Association).

At Yuuaikai, we discuss our daily living, join in fun activities, and can actively discuss what we want to do and say.

From Yamada, Representative of Yuuaikai

It has already been ten years since Yuuaikai was established. In this association, we are free to discuss anything on a regular basis, including what we think about or what troubles us.

Please come and visit us. You will find something new.

We sincerely welcome you to join us.

From Ogata, President of Tokyo-to Ikuseikai

It is 10 years since Yuuaikai was established. Today, we have 200 members, and we have many people from Ikuseikai who provide assistance. We have also donated one million yen as an activity fund. However, we have not seen much increase in the number of members.

Yuuaikai is an association in which persons with intellectual disabilities get to know one another, and openly and freely discuss work, daily living, romantic relationships, marriage, and other issues. I would like as many people as possible to become members.

We will also do our best to promote independence, self-decision, and rights of persons with intellectual disabilities, together with you all.

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