10. Major Central Government Measures for Persons with Disabilities

Major Government Measures for Persons with Disabilities

  Main measures Relevant legislation
Cabinet Office

Formulation of the Basic Plan for Persons with Disabilities, awareness raising and public relations (Disabled Persons’ Week, special gatherings, regional conferences to promote measures for persons with disabilities, programs to promote public awareness of persons with disabilities)

Fundamental Law for Disabled Persons
National Police Agency

Audible traffic signals for persons with visual impairments are installed, exception to the no-parking rule, consultation on driving aptitude, etc.

Law on Infrastructure Plans, Law on Equipping Traffic Safety Facilities, Road Traffic Law, etc.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Reduction of and exemption from NHK broadcast subscription fees, Automated Telling Machines (ATM) for persons with visual impairments are installed, provision of welfare telephone, etc. Consideration on taxes (Local Tax.)

Broadcast Law, Cable Television Broadcast Law, Telecommunications Service Law, Law for Promoting Businesses that Facilitate the Use of Communications and Broadcast Services by the Physically Disabled Persons Local Tax Law

Ministry of Justice

Establishment of human rights consultation offices in each bureau and in district legal affairs and branch bureaus

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Technical cooperation in the rehabilitation related field for persons with disabilities

Japan International Cooperation Agency Law

Ministry of Finance

Measures for taxation (national tax)

Income Tax Law, Consumption Tax Law, Inheritance Tax Law, Special Measures Act concerning Temporary Tax Law, Customs Tariff Law, etc.


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology

Special support education Commission for development of medical and technical equipments to be used at school.

  • School Education Law
  • Law for Encouragement of School
  • Attendance at Special Schools for Blind
  • Persons, Deaf Persons, Physically Disabled
  • Persons, Intellectually Disabled Persons
  • School Health Law
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • Prevention of the cause of disabilities, early
  • detection and treatment, various welfare
  • measures, public assistance, medical care
  • Employment measures, vocational training,
  • compensation of industrial accidents

Maternal and Child Health Law, Child Welfare Law, Law for the Welfare of Physically Disabled Persons, Law for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Persons, Law Concerning Mental Health and Welfare for Mentally Disabled Persons, Special Child Rearing Allowance Law, Law for Special Aid to Wounded and Sick Veterans, Daily Life Security Law, National Pension Law, Employees’ Pension Law, National Health Insurance Law, etc.
Law for Employment Promotion, etc. of the Disabled Persons, Employment Countermeasures Law, Employment Insurance Law, Human Resources Development Promotion Law, Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance Law, etc.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Improvements to the eating habits and the living environment of farming, fishing, and mountain villages that take into account the needs of persons with disabilities

Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

Development of welfare related technical devices, equipment standardization

Law on Industrial Standardization, Law for Promotion of Research, Development and the Distribution of Technical Aids and Equipment

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport

Improvement of public transportation Provision of public housing for persons with disabilities, prioritizing for getting into public housings, improvement of government facilities, public buildings, and roads, discount of fees for using toll highways, etc.
System for Permission of developing emergency care and other facilities in areas prone to landslides

Law to Facilitate the Use of Public Transportation by Elderly and Disabled Persons, Law for Buildings Accessible to and Usable by the Elderly and Physically Disabled Persons, Public Housing Law, Urban Development Corporation Byelaws, Government Housing Loan Corporation Law
Law to Promote Natural Disaster Preventative Measures in Areas Prone to Landslides

“The 38 Selected Japanese Laws Related to Persons with Disabilities”

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