B. Targeted Objectives

Progress : The accounts manager (part-time staff) of United Voice has improved in her presentation on financial report but she has yet to learnthe skills to produce reports using charts. She hopes to learn the chart presentation in time for UV AGM early 2007.

ⅱ. Depreciation cost has to be included in cost of production.

Progress : The accounts manager has noted the need to cost in depreciation cost in our expenses report for 2006.

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ⅰ. To increase income by expanding the sales of products with more intensive marketing strategies.

Progress : The marketing strategies have slightly improved by contacting more companies for festival cards, produced wedding cards and produced Soari products . a big percentage of Soari products were bought bycouples as door gifts for their wedding dinners.

Sales of Festive Cards :
2005: 15,018 cards = RM30,000 (9 companies)
2006: 25,877 cards = RM43,000 (12 companies)
Sales of Wedding Cards
2005: 0
2006: 760 cards = RM2,700 (2 clients)
Sales of Saori Products
2005: 0
2006: Key chains, coasters, dolls = RM2,500

ⅱ. To study on the profitability of purchasing an industrial printer (RicohColour Printer 8100) to produce more variety of cards and produce in bulk. Apply for sponsorship or donation.

Progress :UV Marketing Coordinator did some study concerning the profitability of purchasing an industrial colour printer. It was found that the printer will yield in more income and create more employment. Please refer to proposal in Appendix 1.

Upon advice of an officer of the Social Welfare Department of SelangorUV applied through the Department for sponsorship for of the following :

Printer model : Fuji Xerox Document Centre Colour 250 RM33,000
Name card cutter RM 6,600
ADOBE Illustrator CS Software RM 2,100
Dell Computer RM 2,600
Total RM44,700

Though the proposal has been submitted since 20th September 2006, the department has not made any commitment about this sponsorship. This is indeed disappointing and frustrating. We were advised to seek for other source of sponsorship if we can’t wait. The department said they are unable to confirm when our application will be approved. We were told that it could be as late as end of next year. UV felt that a lot of time will bewasted if we do not get the sponsorship eventually.

The leaders of UV would like to appeal for sponsorship from JICA Japanfor this project as I have proposed in my Action Plan. We would appreciate advice from JICA Japan regarding this matter. UV hopes to launch thisproject as soon as possible since it has much potential to yield in more income.

ⅲ. One more Assistant Project Coordinator should be employed to reliefMarketing Coordinator from some responsibilities in the Employment Project.

Progress : A part-time staff was employed by UV since September to provide support for UV Employment Project. Her service has given more time for our Marketing Coordinator to expand the marketing of UV products. Her salary is sponsored by SS Methodist Church.

Objective 2 : To promote Income Generating Employment to CBRs that are working with PWLD by : Skip to submenu

  1. Sharing the model of United Voice Employment Project.
  2. Conducting training on management of an income generating project.
  3. Promoting self-advocacy to educate PWLD on their rights, leadership skills and independent living.

Progress : I have been in touch with Dr Kenji Kuno, Chief Advisor of JICA Malaysia, and Ms Yeoh Joo Ai, officer of Malaysia Social Welfare Department (JKMM) since August to work on a National Seminar on Self-Advocacy. This was an event jointly organized by JICA, UV, University of Malaya, Department of Social Welfare, and Department of Special Education. Please refer Appendix Ⅱ.

The above event was very successful. Representatives from 8 states participated in this event. A total of 170 people attended this event. The feedback from the audience was generally good and a useful resolutionwas work out at the end of event to further strengthen the self – advocacy movement in Malaysia.

Though it was not a direct concern on employment it is indeed an important issue in the lives of persons with learning disabilities. The awareness on self – advocacy will lead persons with learning disability to know their rights, speak up for their rights in daily life. I hope the first project with JICA and JKMM will lead to more collaboration with UV inthe area on self-advocacy, employment and issues concerning persons with learning disabilities as a whole.

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