C. PriorityActivities for July to December

UV is currently working with Dr Kenji Kuno of JICA Malaysia to organize several events for next year, 2007 :

  1. Seminar on Self – advocacy in two main towns in East Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. These events will be jointly organized with local universities, NGOs, Social Welfare and Special Education departments. Please refer Appendix Ⅲ.
  2. Partnership with 3 JOCV (including one person with learning disabilities) probably sometime between March to May next year to do some promotion on self – advocacy and training in several main towns inWest Malaysia. Application is still in progress.
  3. Estimated costing for training and promotion proposed :

・Expenses for Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. 7-14 February 2007
(for 1 staff and 1 UV member) :

Flight (estimate: RM1200 per person) RM2,000
Accommodation (estimate: RM70 × 8 × 2) RM1,120
Daily Allowance (RM30 × 8 × 2) RM 480

・Materials & Seminar Package-sponsored by JICA Malaysia Nil

・Expenses for promotion in West Malaysia – 1 month programme
(estimated cost):

Materials RM1,000
Administrative RM 400
Traveling & Logistic (for 2 persons) RM3,500
Miscellaneous RM 200
RM 8,700

UV would like to appeal to JICA Japan to sponsor the cost of these joint projects with JICA Malaysia.

Conclusion :

As a whole, I am satisfied with the progress of my Action Plan. I appreciate the opportunity to work with JICA Malaysia. Partnership with JICA Malaysia to promote Self-Advocacy has certainly helped to speed up the development of this movement. It has been very positive working with Dr Kenji Kuno who is approachable and knowledgeable. His rich experience in the local development on services for persons with learning disabilities has made our partnership with him very productive. Hisexpertise as well as his connection with the local government departments hasstrengthened our collaboration effort.

I will be reporting to JICA Japan again periodically next year on the progress of the above projects.

Thank you very much for giving me the training course on Vocational Rehabilitation for PWD. The course has enriched my service in United Voice. I am grateful to your commitment to help developing countries like Malaysia to improve our services for PWD.

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