Appendix 1-3

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Greeting Card Cost Stimulation

Estimated calculation :

1 Box (100 greeting cards) = RM150 Meter(0.50 × 25clicks=RM12.50)+Paper(RM0.70 × 25pcs=RM17.50)+Envelops(RM0.03 × 100=RM3.00) Total cost = RM33

Profit margin= RM117

Targeted average amount of greeting card orders from each company: 7 boxes Annual sales target: (RM150 × 7) × 20 companies = RM 21,000

Annual profit= RM 16,380

This calculation is a conservative projection of the income that can be generated bypurchasing the printer and name card cutter. The total estimated profit from the greeting cards and name card is RM59,880. There is potential for growth in the business as we can tap into more companies who might be interested to support the Employment Project. We are also able to make customized wedding invitation cards with the printer.

With this profit from sales, the Employment Project will be able to pay the workers 100% more than their current income:

Total EP workers salary for year 2006
= RM1340 × 12 = RM16,080
Bonus for 2005 paid in Jan 2006 = RM 6661.20
Total = RM22,741
Projected salary increment by end of 2008
= RM22,741 × 100% = RM 45,482
Percentage of cost for support staff
= 25% × RM59,880 = RM14,970

Current and Projected Income Skip to next paragraph 3

Year Ended Sales of Products Profit No. of Workers
2003 RM22,420 8,984.72 8
2004 RM42,246.90 15,107.77 8
2005 RM51,556.85 29,683 15 workers by July
2006 (Sales Target)
2007 RM60,000   19
2008 RM80,000   21

(Please refer to Appendix 1: Employment Project Accounts 2003-2006)

United Voice Employment Project has been gradually expanding from year 2003 to 2006 in the number of workers and has been increasing in sales and profit. There isa potential for more expansion as we target to increase our sales to more companies in the name card business. As we increase in profits, we will be able to employ more PWLDs and increase their current salary. After analyzing the profitability of the name card business, we are confident that by investing in the printer and equipments we will be able to meet our targeted objectives.

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Printer model: FujiXerox Document Centre Colour 250 RM33,000
Name card cutter RM 6,600
ADOBE Illustrator CS Software RM 2,100
Dell Computer RM2,600
Total : RM44 700

Specifications of the Equipments Skip to submenu

1) FujiXerox Document Centre Colour 250


  • Speed: Colour 21 ipm, Monochrome 25 ipm
  • Processor: PowerPC G3 600 MHz
  • Resolution: 600 × 600 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Memory: Up to 768MB
  • PDL: PCL6, PCL5e, HPGL/HPGL- 2, PostScript 3 (optional)
  • Network connectivity: Bi-directional Parallel: (Comport to IEEE 1284), Ethernet 100Base-TX / 10Base-T,
    USB 2.0 (optional)

2) Name card cutter



The C-460 Name CardCutting Machine can easily cut 21 & 20pieces of name cards printed in one 400 pounds of A3 sized paper any kind of paper is acceptahle.


High precision. Perfect edge cutting. Easy operation. No staff training is required. Double-layer design assures space saving.


90(L) × 60(W) × 40(H)cm.


40 kg Double-layer design.

Model Size Note
C-460 54mm ×
-3mm for the span between
cards is 3mm
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