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“Self-Advocacy… in the Lives of Persons with

Learning Disabilities”

25th November 2006 (Saturday)
Venue: Auditorium, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya

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Jointly organized by: University of Malaya United Voice Japan International Cooperation Agency Department of Social Welfare Malaysia

Special Education Department, Ministry of Education

Guest Speakers

Dr. Dan Goodley Ms. Kamariah Amin Dr. Kenji Kuno

Mr. Eugene Lau

Mr. Johari Jamali Ms. Teoh Hooi Ting

Ms. Yeo Swee Lan


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The Self-Advocacy movement started in Europe and the US in late 60’s. It has proven to be an effective approach for assisting persons with learning disabilities to be independent. The components of Self-Advocacy include: speaking up for oneself; standing up for one’s rights; making choices; and king responsibility for oneself.

There are 800 Self-Advocacy groups in the United States, 500 groups in the United Kingdom and about 200 groups in Japan. However, there are only 8 in Malaysia. The Self-Advocacy Movement of Persons with Learning Disabilities in Malaysia began in 1993. Lack of awareness is a key reason for the Self-Advocacy movement in Malaysia to be in its infancy stage. Hence, the aim of this seminar is to create awareness on the importance and impact of Self-Advocacy in improving the quality of life of persons with learning disabilities.

The issues covered in this seminar are:

  • Self-Advocacy and persons with learning disabilities
  • Importance of Self-Advocacy for persons with learning disabilities
  • Impact of Self-Advocacyon the lives of persons with learning disabilities
  • Teaching Self-Advocacy for persons with learning disabilities at home and in schools

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Opening Ceremony:
8.00 am : Registration / Arrival of participants
8.30 am : Arrival of Academic Staffs
8.45 am : Arrival of Guests of Honour
8.55 am : Arrival of the Y.Bhg. Datuk Rafiah Salim, Vice Chancellor, University of Malaya
9.00 am : Prayer
9.05 am : Welcome Speech by Dr. Loh Sau Cheong, Organising Chairperson
9.10 am : Speech by Associate Professor Dr. Noraini Idris Dean, Faculty of Education,
University of Malaya
9.15 am : Opening Speech by Y.Bhg. Datuk Rafiah Salim Vice Chancellor, University of
9.25 am : Multimedia Presentation
9.27 am : Presentation of souvenirs
9.30 am : Keynote Address: What is Self-Advocacy? Why Self-Advocacy? (Dr Dan
10.15 am : Refreshment
Sessions for the Day:
10.45 am : Session 1 :The Self-Advocacy Movement in Malaysia
(Mr Eugene Lau, Teoh Hooi Ting)
11.15 am : Question & Answer
11.30 am : Session 2 : The Impact of Self-Advocacy Movement: Experiences in UK, Japan & Malaysia (Dr. Dan Goodley, Dr. Kenji Kuno, Mr. Johari Jamali & Mrs.Kamariah


12.15 pm : Question & Answer
12.45 pm : Lunch
2.00 pm : Session 3 : Self-Advocacy Should Begin at Home and
in School (Dr Dan Goodley & Ms Yeo Swee Lan)
2.45 pm : Question & Answer
3.00 pm : Break
3.10 pm : Session 4 : How Do You Support a Self-Advocacy Group? (Dr Dan Goodley)
4.10 pm : Question & Answer
4.25 pm : Closing
4.30 pm : Refreshment
5.00 pm : Adjourn
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