Appendix 3

To create awareness on the importance of self-advocacy in the lives of persons with learning disabilities and to train supporters/advisors as well as parents to support self-advocacy groups. The result of this awareness and training project should strengthen existing self-advocacy groups and establish new self-advocacy groups inthe selected regions.

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This project enhance collaboration between JICA Malaysia, United Voice, local universities, local government and non-government organizations/bodies that supports persons with learning disabilities

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1. Dr Dan Goodley

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Wednesday (7/2) Arrival of Dan in Kuching
Thursday (8/2) Seminar in Kuching
Friday (9/2) Arrival in KK & Preparation
Saturday (10/2) Seminar in KK (Ⅰ)
Sunday (11/2) Seminar in KK (Ⅱ)
Monday (12/2) Plan Ⅱ: Evaluation in KK
Tuesday (13/2) Visitation to local NGOs and services for PWLD – study the situation for future training plans
Wednesday (14/2) Departure for London

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(Kuching will only have Day One programme)

Day One
8.00 am Registration
9.00 am Opening and Introduction
9.30 am Keynote Address: Why and What is Self-Advocacy (Dr Dan Goodley)
10.15 am Break
10.45 am Session 1: The Self-advocacy Movement in Malaysia (United Voice)
11.30 am Session 2: The Impact of Self-Advocacy Movement: Experiences in UK, Japan and Malaysia.

  • Japanese Experience (Dr Kenji)
  • Malaysian Experience (Self-advocates from KK/UV)
  • British Experience (Dr Dan Goodley)
12.15 pm Q & A (Facilitator: ??)
12.45 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Session 3: Self-advocacy should begin at Home and in School
(Dr Dan Goodley & Swee Lan)
2.45 pm Q & A (Facilitator: ??)
3.00 pm Break
3.15 pm Session 4: Support for Self-Advocacy Movement
(Dr Dan Goodley)
4.00 pm Q & A (Facilitator: ??)
4.30 pm Closing
4.45 pm Refreshment
5.00 pm Adjourn
Day Two
9.00 am How to Form a Self-advocacy Group? (Dr Dan Goodley & Swee Lan)
9.45 am How to Support a Self-advocacy Group? (Dr Dan Goodley & Swee Lan)
*For these two sessions, Swee Lan will just be sharing briefly the
Malaysian experience (10 minutes each session)
10.30 am Break
11.00 am The Role of Parents Support Movement : Discussion
(Facilitator: Dr Dan Goodley)
11.45 am Resolution (Facilitator: Joan)
1.00 pm Closing
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