All applicants are required to fill in this form and submit it together with the Nomination Form to the JICA local office or the Embassy of Japan.

1. Name: —

2. Nationality: Malaysian

3. Address (Home): —
Address (Office): —

4. E-mail: —

5. TEL : (Home) —

(Office) —

6. Date of Birth: — Age: 44

Sex: Female

7. Questions to applicants who have disability/disabilities.
Not applicable

8. Individual program.
A few days’ “Individual Program” will be arranged during the program in Japan according to each participant’s interests (see II. CURRICULUM).

a. Describe your field of interest and specify the kinds/names of facilities, agencies, organizations or people you are interested in, in visiting or meeting during the individual program.

The following are my interests in order of preference:

  1. How self-advocacy is practiced in vocational training centres or sheltered workshops for persons with Learning Disabilities? How adults with learning disabilities are trained to self-advocate and be equipped to speak up for themselves at their workplaces?
    I am interested to meet Japan People First or Self-advocacy Organizations for people with Learning Disabilities.
  2. Management of a Vocational Centre of persons with Learning Disabilities
  3. The products of Soari Weaving. United Voice has recently (January 2006) invested in two Saori looms.

b. What would you like to learn from above mentioned places or people?

I am interested to learn how self-advocacy is taught and practiced at vocational rehabilitation centres for persons with learning disabilities in Japan. This practice and training are lacking in Malaysia. United Voice is exploring ways to train members and workers to self-advocate at their work places – at sheltered and open employments.

I would like to learn the management approaches of staff, environment, and well being of the workers with learning disabilities at a vocational centre – towards professionalism.

I am interested to explore the various products of saori materials which are marketable in Malaysia.

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