Sri Lanka

The persons who have disability are among the poorest segment of the population of our country. The Annual income is very limited by the less employment opportunity for both self-employment and employments in private and public establishments.

Self – employment is the most appropriate choice available for persons who have disability. But many people do not have vocational/technical training to start a self –employment too. The entrepreneurship skills has to be introduced in relevant course curricula in vocational courses.

3.2 Major Problems:

  • Vocational teachers do not posses entrepreneurship skills
  • Transportation barriers
  • Communication barriers in work stations and vocational training centers
  • Cultural barriers
  • Societal and family expectations

3.3 Role of Government :

  • Government should promote and give special attention for persons with disability
  • Government can introduce tax concession for the imports of instruments, apparatus required by the persons with disability
  • Tax relief for company owners who recruit persons with disabilities. This can be introduced with incentive scheme. (Rates varies according to the number of persons recruited)
  • Financial Assistance Schemes such as low interest loans and grants can be identified for Special Vocational Training Centres
  • Introduced additional allowance for the salary for the academic staff of these special vocational training centers.

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