Sri Lanka

The Department of Social Services is the major state organization responsible for providing vocational training to people who have disabilities. Their services can be obtained in segregated locations in 6 centres run directly by the Sri Lankan government. A further 11 centres are managed by Non Governmental Organizations and these centres are registered with the department.

The following courses are available in these centres and they are more oriented to self-employed/Entrepreneurship development

  • Air Conditioning / Refrigeration
  • Carpentry
  • Coir Work
  • Textile Weaving
  • Cane Work
  • Agriculture

Such trainees are given a toolkit relevant to their course to the maximum value of Rs.10,000.00. NAITA has it’s own apprenticeship scheme.

Career Guidance Service:

National Youth Services Council, Technical Colleges, Vocational Training Authority and NAITA have their own Career Guidance Centres.

Vocational Training in Main Stream System;

The largest semi- government vocational training provider in Sri Lanka is Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka

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