Sri Lanka

Total population of male in Sri Lanka is about 9,615,000 and the female population is about 9,847,000.

(Source: Statistical data sheet – 2005 Sri Lanka)

1.2 Total land area

Total land area in Sri Lanka is 62,750 Sq.Km.

1.3 Population of persons with disabilities


Total number of persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka was 274711 in year 2001 according to the Census of population and housing 2001-Sri Lanka.


Persons with disabilities classified by type of disability

Categories of disability or questions used to identify persons with disabilities in the 2001 Census included the following:

  • Disability in Seeing Totally Blind One eye blind Weak vision
  • Disability in Hearing/Speaking Dumb; Deaf; Dumb and Deaf; Speaking difficulties
  • Disability in Hands Loss of one hand including elbow Loss of both hands including elbows Loss of one hand below elbows Loss of both hands below elbows Paralysis of one hand Paralysis of both hands Other disability in one hand Other disability in both hands
  • Disability in Legs Loss of one legs including knee

Loss of both legs including knees Loss of one leg below knee Loss of both legs below knees Paralysis of one leg Paralysis of both legs Other disability in one leg Other disability in both legs

  • Other Physical Disability
  • Mental Disability Mentally retarded Psychosis


Persons with disabilities classified by cause:

1.4 Definition of disability:

The legal definition of disability in Sri Lanka is that described in the protection of the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities Act No28 of 1996.A “person with disability means any person who, as a result of any deficiency in his physical or mental capabilities, whether congenital or not, is unable by himself to ensure for himself, wholly or partly, the necessities of life”. This definition is a reasonably broad one, encompassing both medical and socio-economic aspects of disability.

1.7 The Ministries Departments and Statutory Institutions include the following areas:

  • Department of Probation and Child Care Services
  • Women’s Bureau of Sri Lanka
  • National Committee on Women
  • Children’s Secretariat
  • Department of Social Services
  • National Institute of Social Development (NISD)
  • Office of the Sevana Sarana Foster Parent Scheme
  • National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NSPD)
  • National Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities
  • Social Security Board (SSB)
  • National Secretariat for NGO
  • National Disaster Management Center (NDMC)
  • Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf
  • Sahanaya Client’s Associatiom
  • Mnistry of Vocational and Technical Training
  • Sarvodaya, (SEED)
  • Ministy of Skills Development
  • Centre for the Study of the Human Resources
  • Centre for Poverty Analysis
  • Ministry of Education
  • National Insstute of Education (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)
  • Ministry of Child Development and Women empowerment.
  • Family Health Bureau, Ministry of Health.
  • Islamic centre for the physically handicapped
  • Association for the rehabilitation

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