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Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources

Submitted on 28/06/2006

1. Organization and Country

Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Department of Human Resources. Bhutan

2. Title of your plan

Skills Development Programme for Person with disabilities.

3. Summary

The concept paper is to provide information on the need to establish formal relationship and understanding between the Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Department of Education, Ministry of Health and Education and Bhutan chamber of commercial Industry (NGO/BCCI) for collaboration in providing vocational skills training and employment to the Person with disabilities and school leavers. The main purpose of this collaboration is to jointly work for a common goal of enhancing socio economy of the nation and to meet the ever-changing needs of the people at the community level for improvement of their quality of life.
The Royal government of Bhutan is greatly concerned about providing access to quality education for disabled children within Bhutan. Currently the only provisions for education of disabled children is at the two rehabilitation schools in the Kingdom which provides education for approximately 90 pupils including visual impairment, physical and intellectual disabilities. I believe the majority of disabled children are still in the rural areas. With the educational needs of the disabled already enrolled in schools being addressed by the Department of Education, the needs of out of school disabled youth and children need to be met through community based rehabilitation activities. The Drak-Tsho vocational Training centre for disabled is one such facility established in Thimphu community. The main purpose is to focus to equip them with Vocational skills to enhance their opportunities for gainful employment. It also aims to build their self-esteem and self-reliance thereby, making them independent, confident and contributing members of the society. Not only that but more importantly to develop in them a positive attitude towards life and living. In fact the greatest challenge for the Department is to erase the deeply embedded stigma of being less fortunate and useless member of the family and the society at large. Create independency and self-employment in the open labour market by giving them the following Vocational skill training.

  • Packaging
  • Tailoring
  • Handicrafts
  • Laundry
  • Traditional art and painting
  • Singing and using musical instruments
  • Making souvenir items
  • Word processing and use of computer
  • Recreational sports

We have divided the training skills in to two phases with the total budget of USD 43,300.00 (forty three thousand three hundred US dollars only). The training duration ranges from 4 months to 1 years and team comprises of two or three members from each department will monitor and submit the progress report to the Ministry. In the long term if this pilot project is succeedfull then we will recruit more and recreate more vocational skills.

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