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July 1, 2006 – July 15, 2006 Set up work plan and project review July 15, 2006 – August 15, 2006 Survey Training Course July 15, 2006 – December 20, 2006 Materials during time July 1, 2006 – December 15, 2006 Field training July 15, 2006 – December 15, 2006 Monitoring and evaluation

December 15, 2006 – December 28, 2006 Final report

Budget During Training Equipment Proposal

No. Equipment Materials Unit cost Quantity (%) Prices / Donor
1 Motor engine   $100 6 pieces 600 USD
2 Computer   $150 12 pieces 1.800 / Gov.
3 Sawing   $ 50 12 pieces 600 USD
4   Hairdressing
$ 400 2 set 800 USD
5   Wood carving $ 200 2 set 400 USD
6   Basket weaving $ 200 2 set 400 USD
7   Other $ 400   400 USD
Total       around 4.000USD

A final report should be prepared after the completion of implementation of the action plan. After the completion of implementation of the action plan, a final report should evaluate on the implementation and record and review how much the achievement has been made and lessons learned from this action plan for the next action.

7. Program Cost Estimation and Time Schedule

Budget Cost Estimation:

Cost estimation for implementation of this action plan is comprised of staff training cost, material expenditure, installation cost, and other miscellaneous. Detail costs for implementation of these activities which is determined as the following:

DESCRIPTION Unit Cost Quantity Amount Price TOTAL (USD)
I- Material / Stationary
– Allowance (12 persons x 6 x $20)
12 6 720 USD  
Subtotal 1       720.00 USD
II- Staff training cost
– salary of trainer (12 persons x 6 x $120)
12 6 8,640 USD  
Subtotal 2       9,360.00 USD
III- Utilities
Electricity & water
400 6 2,400 USD  
Subtotal 3       11,760.00 USD
IV- Installation cost
Assembly Equipment &Repairs
    2.000 USD  
V- Equipment & Material     4,000 USD  
Subtotal 4       6,000.00 USD
Total (I+ II + III + IV V )       23,760.00 USD
Contingency 5%       1,188 USD
Grand total       $ 24,760,00

Estimation of total cost for implementation of this action plan is: $24,760.00

8. Monitoring and Evaluation

Department of Rehabilitation will be to monitoring and Evaluating the partnership and prevented Of PWD work by Public shop ,private company agency.
This action plan will submit to the government for providing financial support for implementation of the assignment or seek for possibility of technical assistance from donor. Priority activities for the next year.

9. Conclusion

Under these circumstances, it is quite difficult to seek for financial support from the government or donor for the implementation of the action plan, therefore, it would be applicable and useful if JICA could consider this action plan proposal by providing the assistance for the above mentioned.

Local authority and communities should participate in these activities in order to make sure that the action plan is implemented appropriately, effectively and efficiently.
It is expected that at the end of the completion of this action plan, the restructure of Vocational Training Centre for PWDs will be10% better that the present.

Lessons learned from the performance of the action plan should be recorded for improvement of the next action plan.

If this action plan is implemented and successful, the government should consider and support such kind of assignment and apply to the model VTC to other provinces. From all lectures and visit during the training in Japan I get many new ideas for my action plan.,br> More information about specific visit our workshop.

Negotiation , network development , make seminars with NGOs to submit the government.


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