1. Introduction

In developing the nation, the government of Cambodia has clearly defined the objectives, which is aimed at poverty alleviation by providing the skills supply to people in order to raise the people’s living standards and welfare. Therefore, I propose that the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, Youth and Rehabilitations in Cambodia consider restructuring the current Vocational Training Centers (VTC) for PWDs located in Kompong Speu to develop a national model VTC in Cambodia.

2. Background and Problems

After the civil war (1970 to 1979), about 12% of population in Cambodia became persons with physical disabilities. In the present, there are only three VTC in the whole of Cambodia. These VTC are located at Phnom Penh, Kompong Speu and Battambong.

Many PWD are not unemployed because they do not have vocational skills due to lack of effective VTC. The current three VTC do not have sufficient specialists and equipment for training. These VTC also do not have residential facilities which are needed by PWD who live outside these provinces. The main reason for the slow development of VTC is due to lack of financial resources.

The VTC in Kompong Speu is presently not providing any vocational training for PWD. It only specialises in prosthesis. It needs restructuring to develop vocational training courses to help PWD develop skills for employment.

This centre was established by a NGO, American Red Cross in 1991. However, since this NGO left the organisation, the work established could not continue due to financial problems. There are some equipments such as computers, printers, …..etc However, there is no proper management. to solve the problem there are more then 169,058 PWDs and no solution for Job Employment.

3. Goals

To restructure VTC for PWD in Kompong Speu to become a model VTC that is able to train PWD for employment.

To provide Skills to PWDs in Cambodia.

To build center in kompong speu province.

4. Target Objectives

a. To develop the vocational skills of PWDs by people with physical disabilities introducing 6 courses in one year: (8

  1. Information Technology (Computer repair)
  2. Electronics
  3. Handicraft (silk weaving ,horn carving , basket weaving)
  4. Sewing (marking clothes )
  5. Hairdressing
  6. Motorbike Repair
  7. Music & massage for blind people

b. To increase the number of human resource:

  1. 1 Manager
  2. 1 Administrator
  3. 6 Instructors
  4. 4 Assistants

c. To increase the necessary equipments

  1. Second hand Computers
  2. Second hand motorbike
  3. Second hand Sawing machine
  4. Tools for handicraft
  5. Materials for hairdressing
  6. Materials for Electronic repairing

d. To find sponsors and partners who are willing to support this proposal

  1. Royal Government   40%
  2. ICRC Foundation   40%
  3. JICA (Equipment)   20%

e. Target audience / Beneficiaries Persons with Disabilities in Phnom Penh and Battembang Province 16 year old To 65 years old (All Disable persons ).

5. Procedures of Work

Department of Rehabilitation should provide the skills to PWDs and improve the building for training resident this is one of the key necessities in order to make sure an effective and efficient operation and maintenance with a sustainable vocational training center system.

It would be better if the selection of participants in the training course are concentrated on those who have had relevant and more Experience related to the Training center.

The staff that will join a training courses   should be comprised of:

  • One Manager
  • Six instructors
  • Four Assistants
  • One Administrator

After the completion of the training course, the trainees will become part of skill mobilization workshop team should complying with time schedule indicated in the timetable. During the training we monitor all activities to make sure that implementation is compliant with the action plan. On the other hand, in order to indicate the training progress, weekly and monthly reports are required.

In the VTC should be required to conduct its work as the following:

  • Set up work plan and review cost for actual work;
  • Collect data or information related to each training courses
  • The follow up
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
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