Critical activity needed to achieve this objective Outcome(s) Person Responsible for Action and Monitoring Possible Partners Time Line
Objective I:
To improve the management of Employment Project of United Voice in: This objective has a high possibility of success as the objective is in line with the objectives of the United Voice committee for the Employment Project. Staff and Committee members of United Voice:   Objective I will require immediate action upon approval from United Voice Committee:
1. Financial Management
  1. To prepare financial report with charts that will help staff and committee analyse the cost, losses or benefits effectively.
  2. Depreciation cost has to be included in cost of production.
  1. Committee will be able to analyse financial situation more effectively. Make better planning for future progress.
  2. Committee will set aside reserve funds for future upgrading and renewing premises or equipments.
  1. Accounts Manager – Fatimah Mariah
  2. Committee and Coordinator to give feedback on the improvement of financial report.
  July 2006
2. Marketing strategies
  1. To increase income by expanding the sales of products with more intensive marketing strategies.
  1. United Voice Employment Project become more self-sufficient by covering a bigger percentage of staff cost. Currently, this project is able to support only 30% of the staff cost (salary) required to run the project.
  1. Marketing Coordinator – Chu Shi Wei to work on the production and marketing strategy
Possible Donors: – JICA – British High Com

– Commonwealth Foundation

August 2006
  1. To study on the feasibilities of purchasing an industrial printer (Ricoh Colour Printer 8100) to produce more variety of cards and produce in bulk. Apply for sponsorship or donation.
  1. Increase the salary of 15 PWLD workers of this project.
  1. Coordinator & Marketing Coordinator to source for Donor for an industrial printer.
Possible Donors:
Individuals and Organizations (long term commitment)
September 06
  1. One more Assistant Project Coordinator should be employed to relief Shi Wei from some responsibilities.
  1. Create more public awareness on PWLD by expanding sales of products.
  1. Coordinator & Committee to look for another Assistant Project Coordinator and raise funds to support this new staff.
  2. JICA, UV Committee and staff will evaluate the outcome of i, ii & iii by end December.
  December 06
Objective II:
To promote Income Generating Employment to CBRs that are working with PWLD by:

  1. Sharing the model of United Voice Employment Project.
  2. Conducting training on management of an income generating project.
  3. Promoting self-advocacy to educate PWLD on their rights, leadership skills and independent living.
To create on-job-training vocational rehabilitation, self-advocacy skills and employment for PWLD in CBRs Planning & Monitoring Committee:

  1. Officer from JICA
  2. MCR representative
  3. Officer of Social Welfare Dept
  4. Coordinator of UV
  5. Public Relations Office of United Voice (a PWLD)
  6. Marketing Coordinator of United Voice

Committee to Monitor and Evaluate Objective 2

United Voice will seek partnership of:

  1. JICA Malaysia
  2. Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation (MCR)
  3. Social Welfare Department
Consultation, planning, networking & preparation stage: September 2006 -February 2007


March 2007 onwards


August 2008

  1. To discuss this proposal with the committee and staff of United Voice.
  2. To act on Targeted Objective No. I upon approval of United Voice committee.
  3. To research on the number of CBRs that require Objective II.
  4. To meet and consult with the officer(s) of JICA Malaysia, Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation and Social Welfare Department to discuss possibilities of partnership for Objective II.
  5. To form a planning committee to execute Objective II.
  6. To submit progress report to JICA by end of December 2006
1. Objective I:
One new assistant staff – approximate salary RM1,000 x 12 (Increase by about 10% each year) RM12,000 (US$3,286)
One industrial colour printer – Ricoh Colour 8100 approximately
(Maintenance cost will be absorbed into cost of production)
RM28,000 (US$7,568)
2. Objective II:
Estimated average cost for training of each region of 4 main regions (north, central, south & east)
Materials RM300
Administrative RM200
Traveling and Logistic RM2,000
Miscellaneous RM200
Total RM2,700 x 4 RM10,800


Estimated Budget RM53,500 (US$13,774)
Note: Please refer Appendix for United Voice Budget for 2006
Monthly Expenditure
Staff Salaries (6 full-time and 1 part-time staff)
(inclusive of SOCSO, EPF and insurance)
RM 12,000
Rent, Utilities and maintenance RM 2,500
Fieldwork expenses RM 1,000
Telephone and internet RM 250
Stationary, Newsletter/Publicity and postage RM 400
Equipment service and maintenance of office RM 300
Miscellaneous RM 300
RM 16,750   (US$ 4,527)
Annual Expenditure RM201,000   (US$54,324)
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