Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion of Person with Disabilities (May—July 2006)

Action plan of Employment promotion of Person with Disabilities

For (2006-2008 in Pakistan)

Lahore Businessmen Association for the Rehabilitation of Disabled

Employment Facilitation of People with Disabilities to Rehabilitate through vocational Training.


The total population of Pakistan is 160 billion and 8-10% of population is suffering from different kind of disabilities, some of the disabilities are present by birth, and some are acquired by accidents.
These disabilities affect on an individual to carry out day to day tasks .In Pakistan the quota for disabled people is fixed 1% for employment both in Govt. and private sector but if we compare it with the no. of disabled it does not seem to be implemented, To rehabilitate the people with disabilities it is necessary to provide them vocational training and jobs based on the need of individual, so that they can realize that they have equal opportunities and life with quality. Employment for People with disabilities in Pakistan is limited. Most people with disabilities have no academic and vocational background and are unable to access open labor market for employment.

Lahore Businessmen Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled is serving as a bridge between disabled persons and employers. There are also other NGOs working for the rehabilitation of disabled in Lahore.
My action plan aims to collect the data of those NGOs and arrange a networking between NGOs and institutions engaged in activities related to the people with disabilities and establish mutual beneficial programmes for people with disabilities.

Main goal:

To improve the training skills of people with disabilities and employ them in open labor market.


  • To contact with 4 different NGOs
  • To make a NGO networking programme in Lahore
  • To refer the people with disabilities in vocational training institute.
  • Introduce more vocational trainings like Saori weaving, Sowing, Recycle shop Computer training
  • To find and search the jobs for person with disabilities in Private sector
  • To employ them according their vocational training and skills


  • Registration and assessment by filling the form (bio data)
  • Workshop and seminars with other organization and NGOs
  • Vocational training and social skill programmes (communication skills).
  • Workshop and seminars to convince the employers and businessmen for trial employment
  • Job placement in different companies
  • Follow up by interview of both employee and employer

Target group:

  • The targeted population of my action plan is 150 people with disabilities in Lahore city who are jobless and have no access to open labor employment. ( both gender and all type of disability will be included)
  • The target for training is also 100 people with disabilities who need to improve their abilities in technical field and vocational training
  • The target for employment is 80 people with disabilities (depending on needs of individual).

Related Knowledge and Experiences Acquired To Be Applied in Action Plan

The training in Japan provided me many valuable knowledge and practical exposures which will help me to work more effectively for my organization and persons with disabilities. Most knowledge acquired is applicable in my country. This course has changed my perception on services for PWD.

The followings are some specific knowledge learnt which will be applied in this action plan:

  1. People with disabilities should be aware of their rights provided by legislations.
  2. Government should be providing financial support for vocational centers for People with disabilities
  3. Accessibility should be a priority.
  4. Vocational training and sheltered workshop should be the best source of income
    (e.g.: workshop in Atsugi and Fukushima and vocational centers like Chiba and Akita city)
  5. Peer counseling should be arrange for self help and empowerment.
  6. Independent Living should be the first priority for people with disabilities.
  7. Social skill training play great role in the life of person with disability
  8. Listen to the voice of people with disability

The following trainings I want to introduce in vocational training centre.

  1. Saorii weaving for people with intellectual disabilities
  2. Computer trainings for visually impaired like zoom text, talking software (jaws), document making
  3. Sewing training for people with psychiatric disabilities
  4. Cookies making for people with intellectual, psychiatric and physical disabilities.
  5. Recycle shop for all kind of disabilities. In this shop we can sale used things and we can collect these by Volunteers, staff, NGOs and community


After providing the vocational training we would be able to employ more people with disabilities and they also will be independent economically and socially and they will be the responsible member for their families and society.


Critical activity needed to achieve this objective Outcome(s) Who is responsible and how? Who are the partners? Resources needed? Time line
Collect the data by questionnaire and interaction to NGO s which is working for people with disabilities in Lahore city. Providing the listing of people with disabilities in these NGOs and organization Coordinator of my organization.
Conduct Meeting after every 15 days to observe how many people with disabilities newly registered in my organization.
Milestones (NGO)
PSRD(Pakistan society for rehabilitation of disabled)
Man power Office expenses Materials Transportation Space Volunteer Equipment


To make good relation with NGOs arrange meetings and workshops for the trainings of people with disabilities. NGOs networking programmes with each others Coordinator and NGOs.
We will contact these NGOs and arrange workshops and monthly meetings and discuss the different issues related to people with disabilities
Social welfare department
Special education department
Man power Office expenses Materials Transportation Space Volunteer Equipment


3 months
(Oct -Jan)

Priority activities for the 6 months plan:

  1. To discuss with the Managing Committee and staff of my organization about this proposal
  2. To act on Objective No. I upon approval of Managing committee
  3. To research on NGOs for people with disabilities.
  4. To meet the officers of Social Welfare Department and NGOs to discuss possible partnership
  5. To plan training projects

Budget for 6 months

Description Unit cost quantity month Total amount
Human Resource        
Full time staff Rs.5000 2 6 60000
Part time staff Rs.3000 2 6 36000
Volunteer staff       0
Materials(Stationary) Rs.8000     8000
Telephone Rs.3000 1 6 18000
Transport Rs.50000     50000
Total       172000

Which will be equal to 2730.1587 us$ (estimated)

Plan for 2 years

Critical activity needed to achieve this objective Outcome(s) Who is Responsible for Plan and how? Who are the partners? Resource Time line
1. After collect the data from NGO s we will registered and assess PWDs and then refer to them in different vocational training institutes, trainingand technical work. Persons with disabilities will gain the skills according to their aptitudes and qualifications The supervisor of vocational training institutions and instructors will monitor the training of person with disabilities Vocational training institution. Edge System international(computer centre)

Nicon (computer centre

Man power Office expenses Materials Transportation Space Volunteer Equipment


Jan 2007-Jan 2008
2. Contact businessmen, industrialists, factories owners, and shopkeepers for the employment of persons with disabilities Introduce the job venue for persons with disabilities.
  • Field Officers
  • Placement officers
  • Field officers will visit the different businessmen and collect the data of those who are willing to give the jobs for persons with disabilities and then placement officer process the further procedure and convince the employers for trial employment period.

Placement officers
Field officer
Man power Office expenses Materials Transportation Space Volunteer Equipment


Dec 2007-Jan 2008
3. Refer persons with disabilities to open labor market for employment This will rehabilitate the people with disabilities by providing them jobs Placement officers Field officers Psychologist.

Psychologist will provide the counseling to people with disabilities and employers for the problem of people with disabilities.

Placement officers Field officers


Man power Office expenses Materials Transportation Space Volunteer Equipment


Jan 2008-March 2008
4. Follow up By the follow up we will be able to observe the work progress of person with disability Placement officers
After ever 2 weeks placement officer will contact to person with disabilities and employers
Placement officers Man power Office expenses Materials Transportation Space Volunteer Equipment


After every 15 days of placement

Resources for next two years training programme

  • Human resources (Full time staff ,part time staff and volunteers)
  • Soari weaving machine
  • Computers
  • Cookies making machines
  • Cookies making materials
  • Sowing material like thread. needle, clothes
  • Recycle shop
  • Rent and electricity facilities

This budget will be provided after the discussion with staff and committee members.

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