Sri Lanka

Description of work ANTICIPATED COST(IN US $)
Printing & Postage 900
Transport 400
Subsistence 200
Consultancy 1400
Telephone & Fax 30
Advertisement 700
Construction 27000
Salaries and Wages 8200
Water, Electricity and Telephones 1000
Training Equipment 3000
Stationery 50
Total 42880
Assuming 1US $=104 Sri Lanka Rupees

After first year the VTA can earn an income by selling the manufactured goods such as Wooden Shoe Racks, Aluminium Ladders, and Extension Wire Cord and Hose Reels for domestic use.

Item Production Cost (in US $) Monthly Production (Units) Annual Production (Units) Selling Price (in US $) Current Market Price in (US $) Profit (in US $) per annum
Wooden Shoe Rack 5 60 2700 6.5 15 4050
Aluminium Ladder 19 20 900 24 45 4500
Extension Wire Cord 10 50 600 12.5 30 1500
Hose Reel 10 50 600 12 20 1200
Total Profit 11250 US $

Utilization of the annual revenue is as follows:

Deposit in a State Bank (20%) = 2250 US $

Allowance for Trainees (70%) = 7875 US$

Incentive for Instructors (10%) = 1125 US $

If the instructors and trainees will be paid the above amount monthly, they will be motivated further.


The evaluations can be done by the both TVEC and VTA. A regular focus group meetings with relevant parties such as building contractor, consultant of the building project, VTA, DTET, NAITA, TVEC, NYSC, NITESL and Department of Social Services. Field visits can be done for the selected places as per the requirement by the TVEC.

Annual reviews should be carried out by the TVEC.


Description of work Duration in months
Send TVEC publications to all special vocational training centres Start from July
Establish Information cell at TVEC 4
Recruit 1 disable person for TVEC 6
Construction Vocational and Living Support Centre 22
Allocate 5% financial assistance scheme for special vocational training centres 3
Evaluate 5 career guidance centres 2
Provide Teacher Training Programme for 20 teachers in special schools 4
Introduce National Vocational Qualification System to Special Schools 3
Evaluate 5 curricula in Special schools 5
Give priority (5%) allocation for PWD’s when recruiting ordinary training centres 3
Do a survey on trainees with disabilities in training centres 8
Provide barrier free accessibility for ministry building 8
Give Guidance to all PWD’s from October


This section describes how each objective will be carried out in terms of planned activities and duration and who will be responsible for each activity.

Phase One
a) Establish information cell at the TVEC on disable persons in Sri Lanka. Analyze the current situation of the Information Systems Division. Contact relevant authorities to obtain information. Hire a data entry operator on casual basis Analyze data and information

Prepare Summary Report quarterly.

b) Send TVEC publications to all Special Vocational Training Centres in Sri Lanka. Documents to be sent Labour Market Information News Letter all Special Vocational Training Centres. Labour Market Information Bulletin to Training Centres

Vocational Education and Training Plan to the Ministry of Social Welfare

c) Provide Teacher Training Programme for 20 instructors for 10 full days (5days x 2) initially in government, Pvt and NGO sectors in the 1st year. Do a Need assessment for the Special Instructors Contact National Institute of Technical Education of Sri Lanka. (NITESL) Call applications and select participants Design the training programme by a committee consisting of officials from NITESL, Department of Social Services and TVEC (conducting a workshop) Conduct training programme

Evaluation the programme

d) Do a survey on Disable Trainees in training centres in Sri Lanka. Lierature Survey (books) Prepare a Questionnaire to be given the principals of the training centres by using a consultant Print and distribute 250 questionnaires Receive back questionnaire to TVEC Tabulate results

Prepare survey report by using a consultant

e) Introduce National Vocational Qualification System for 5 Special Vocational Centres. Contact Director (NVQ), Director General of Department of Social Services Contact 5 special vocational training centres

Conduct 5 Awareness Seminars for the trainees in 5 special vocational training centres.

f) Evaluate the 5 career guidance units regarding the accessibility and the guidance books for PWD’s Prepare a leaflet by discussing the officials from department of social welfare. Print the leaflet Visit the career guidance units in NAITA, VTA, DTET and NYSC

Aware the accessibility for PWD’s for the centre.

g) Study, evaluate and give guidance to update their 5 curricula used currently in the Special Vocational centres which are under the department of social welfare. Meet the relevant officials in the department of social services, NITESL and agree to revise 5 curricula as a pilot work Obtain these 5 curricula currently used Send them to the NITESL to revise them if they have any discrepancies with national system Call tenders for printing work and evaluate them Send the revised printed curricula to the department of social services.

Check whether the revised curricula are used by the instructors in the training centers.

h) Giving guidance to the PWD’s Establish the information cell in TVEC premises.
Send letters to the Directors in Department of Social Services in all districts including National Coordinator.
Phase Two
a) Start the Construction of a model Vocational and Living Support Centre (3000 sq.ft :3 workshops) which can be accommodated 60 trainees per annum for disable youth in Colombo. Discuss with Director General of TVEC, Secretary to the Ministry and Chairman of VTA. Contact Sri Lanka Standards Institution, Sri Lanka Handicraft Board, Sri Lanka Export Development Board Contact Principal of NVTI, Orugodawatte. Get the approval from board of TVEC and VTA Finding a location and get the confirmation for location from relevant parties. Draw a Plan by a architect Prepare a B.O.Q Estimate Cost construction of a building Prepare estimate for training equipment for following courses.

  • Carpentry
  • Aluminium Fabricator
  • Fitter General

Get the Quotations for the training equipment and material Put a paper advertisement to recruit trainees and instructors Recruit three instructors Buy the Equipment and material Obtain Water supply Obtain 3 phase Power supply Obtain Telephone with fax

Recruit PWD’s

b) Recruit at least 1 disabled person to the TVEC in year 2007. Get the board approval from TVEC by Director (Administration) Get the names and addresses of 20 unemployed PWD’s from Ministry of Social Welfare and University of Kelaniya. Prepare a selection criterion. Screen the applications and call 10 candidates for interview.

Recruit the best among them.

c) Give priority (5%) allocation for disable trainees when recruit trainees for ordinary vocational training centres. Analyze the current situation of recruitment of PWD’s in government sector training providers Decide the percentage of allocation (quota) for PWD’s when recruiting trainees for all training providers by the board of TVEC

Send a circular to all training providers of government sector.

d) Allocate sufficient quota (5%) for special vocational training centres from the TVEC financial assistance scheme from year 2007. Discuss the possibility with Director (Planning & Research) Obtain Board Approval of the TVEC or Director General’s Assess the Special Vocational Training Centres in Sri Lanka Fund Allocation

Evaluate the equipment purchased and training programme

a) Provide barrier free accessibility to the disable persons who come to the ministry building. Contact the Secretary of Ministry Contact principals of deaf and blind schools Contact the Director (Infrastructure Development), Ministry and discuss the necessity of installing following items for the ministry building. Ramp to the lift Special Toilet at least in the ground floor Braille and embossed letters for the switches of the lift Install voice communication inside the lift

Fix special sign boards for PWD’s


TVEC Staff:
Director General
Deputy Director General
Director (Administration)
Director (Standards and Accreditation)
Director (Planning and Research)
Director (Information Systems)
Director (NVQ)
Labour Market Analyst
Programme Officers
Librarian / Documentation Officer
Project Assistants
Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training
Honorable Minister
Secretary to the Ministry
Director (Infrastructure Development), Ministry
Career Guidance officers in Government sector training providers Director General of NITESL
Chairmen of different training providers in the government
Secretary to the Ministry of Social Welfare
Director General of Department of Social Services
Principals of Special Vocational Training Centers
Principals of Blind and Deaf schools
Organizations and Groups involved in employment promotion of PWD’s


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