25 May, 2006

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We took JICA bus to Chiba Vocational Center for Persons with Disabilities in Chiba Pref. According to our schedule we were supposed to reach there before 10:00, but we got lost on the way and finally arrived there at 10:30. Though we needed to drive around for more than half an hour, we were so fortunate that we could cross the rainbow bridge and pass by Tokyo Disney Land.

In front the center we found Mr. Yoshihiko Nonaka, one of the planning committee members of this course, waiting for us.(Sorry for Nonaka san to have kept you waiting.)

Public Employment Security Office (PESO) is located in the same building as Chiba Vocational Center and they use the first, second and third floor. So it helps Vocational Center and PESO have a good relation for job placement of persons with disabilities.

Our schedule at the Center

10:30~11:00 Observation of PESO

A participant from the Philipines demonstrated how to seek an appropriate job at PESO.


Lecture on “Current Situation of Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities in Japan” by Mr. Yoshihiko Nonaka, Chief Researcher of National Institute of Vocational Rehabilitation of Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.


Continued lecture on “Services of PESO and Local Vocational Center” by Mr. Nonaka


Observation of Chiba Vocational Center for Persons with Disabilities

Participants tried several kinds of assesment tests. (See photos below)

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15:30~16:45 Wrap-up session with Director and staff of the Center

I would like to tell you that we could be back to TIC without any problem.

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