June 05, 2006

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Today we had a workshop on PCM by Ms. Noguchi from FASID.


Project Cycle Management -planning- (PCM) is a well known participatory method in the development field to manage cycles of a project i.e. planning, implementation and evaluation. JICA also applies this method in many projects.

“Do you really know about your organization and stakeholders?”

First, participants worked individually to write a summary of their organizational information and also listed up other related organizations and their roles. This aimed to analyse stakeholders related to the employment of persons with disabilities in each country.


“Cause and effect logics”

Then we divided into two groups and analysed the given common problem “the employement of persons with disabilities is limited” using the cause and effect logics.


“Flash cards are very useful!”

As you see in the photos, we always used flash cards. They are a usuful tool to visualize the ideas and also they are fun to work with. Although we only had one day, we could start analysing a situation related to the emplyment of persons with disabilities and tried to understand the foundamental causes of the issue.

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