June 23, 2006

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In the morning we visited Takeya Pan to see the actual working site of persons with disabilities in the open labor market. Takeya Pan was inaugurated in 1951 and is the biggest bakery and confectionery shop in Akita Prefecture. More than 20 persons with physical and intellectual and psychiatric disabilities work in the factory. Before the observation we were requested to put white uniforms, caps and masks on for hygiene control.

At the meeting room of Takeya Pan

Factory unifrom

Visit to “Vocational Center”

Then we moved to Vocational Center for Persons with Disabilities to understand its role and to learn specific vocational support programs in Akita Prefecture. It is the only center in Akita Prefecture, so staff of the center regularly drive to the public employment security offices in the remote area to evaluate vocational skills and adaptability. They set up simulated company inside the center for providing the vocational and living support trainings to persons with disabilities who wish to work.

Vocational Center

“Learning about disability organizations”

In the afternoon we went to Welfare Assembly Hall, where many welfare organizations for persons with disabilities are located. We had a discussion with the directors from three organizations, such as Akita Prefectural Association for Welfare of Persons with Physical Disabilities, Inclusion Akita (Akita Tewo Tsunagu Ikusei Kai) and Akita Prefectural Federation of Families with Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities.

From three organizations

We completed all the programs in Akita. Now we all love people in Akita and Akita Prefecture. We will never forget everyone who we met here.
Thank you!

in front of our bus

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