Chapter 8 Accessibility

The Law for Promoting Easily Accessible Transportation and Building Infrastructure etc for the Aged and the Disabled Persons provides the standards and guideline for improving accessibility. Under this law, removal of barriers is systematically carried out through provision of guidance and advices to entrepreneurs as well as subsidies and loans to improve the facilities etc.

(1) Targets

Passenger facilities, vehicles, roads, parking spaces, parks and buildings

(2) Facilities

Barrier-free toilets for persons with disabilities, elevators, escalators, slopes, parking space reserved for persons with disabilities, Braille blocks for persons with visual impairments, non-step buses, vehicles with reserved space for wheelchairs, and audible traffic signals for persons with visual impairments, etc.

2. Information and Communication go to 1

In accordance with the Law for Promoting Businesses that Facilitate the Use of Communications and Broadcast Services by Physically Disabled Persons and other laws, the following supports are provided to persons with visual impairments or hearing impairments for the purpose of improving their access to information and their communication.

  1. Research and development on information and communication devices and systems for persons with disabilities
  2. Support for maneuver and use of IT devices
  3. Subsidies to purchase information and communication devices
  4. Production of captioned videos, Braille books etc
  5. Promotion of the use of captions, sign language, and audio description in TV broadcast
  6. Training of volunteers for Braille translation, reading out printed materials, note taking, and sign language. Training of sign language interpreters. Dispatch of sign languages and note taking volunteers.
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