Chapter 9 Other Services

Services Targets Contents
Exception to the
no-parking rule
Cars used by persons with physical disabilities
who have difficulties in walking
Discount fare for
Japan Railway
When persons with physical or intellectual disabilities travel alone more than 101km by


50% discount from ordinary

train fare

When carers accompany persons with severe physical or intellectual disabilities, both caregivers and persons with disabilities are


50% discount from ordinary train fare and

express surcharge

Discount airfare Persons with physical or intellectual disabilities. When carers accompany, both carers and persons

with disabilities are eligible.

Different discount rates depending on airline


Discount fare for
the use of toll roads
When persons with physical disabilities drive. When caregiver drive a car with persons with severe physical and intellectual disabilities


50% discount
Reduction or exemption of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

subscription fee

Low income household with persons with physical
or severe intellectual disabilities.
Free of charge
When the head of household is a person with
visual, hearing impairments or physical disorders
Half price
Reduction or exemption of

postage fee

Braille materials and talking books (up to 3kg), videotapes for persons with visual impairments,

hearing impairments, or physical disorders.

Free of charge
Journals published by organizations of/for persons with disabilities, booklets for persons with disabilities, small packet for persons with hearing impairments, small packet of Braille materials

(up to 3 kg).

Half price
Priority in moving
into public housings
Persons with disabilities and households with
persons with disabilities
Tax reduction or
Income Tax Income deduction
of ¥270,000
Inheritance Tax deduction for persons with
70 – one’s age × ¥60,000 or ¥120,000 (for persons with severe


Automobile Tax, Automobile Acquisition Tax Tax free
Gift Tax (when trust contract is concluded between persons with profound disabilities and a

trust company)

Tax free up to
Copied title and URL