June 7, 2007:”One Village, One Product” MovementTraining Report – Vocational Rehabilitation Course 2007

“One Village, One Product (OVOP)” Movement is not directly related to persons with disabilities.
However the concept of this movement can be used for income generating projects which many former participants have set up for their action plans.

Ten participants visited Oita OVOP International Exchange Promotion Committee to have lecture on this movement. Secretary General of the committee explained about the activities of OVOP as well as its concept.

Dr. Morihiko HITAMATSU, former governor of Oita prefecture is the one who advocated the “One Village, One Product” Movement, aimed to create a hometown in which citizens can be very proud of.

The movement’s aim is not simply to make souvenirs for tourists. It aims to create local specialty products which can pass muster not only in the Tokyo market but also in the international market. In other words, the goal of the “One Village, One Product” Movement is to create and market local products that can gain a global reputation.



Then the Secretary General took us to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) for lunch.
It is located on the hill and you can enjoy the panoramic view of Beppu City. APU is also a part of the project for OVOP movement. On the APU’s multicultural campus, approximately 2,300 international students from 78 countries and regions from all over the world are currently studying together with around 3,000 Japanese students. President of the university, who is from Sri Lanka joined their lunch. The food menus there were full of variety and some participants who have restriction on foods were so happy to have their own foods. After lunch they had a chance to receive a lecture on the university from Vice President.

URL: http://www.apu.ac.jp/home/index.php?sel_lang=english

As the last program of the day, the Secretary General took us to the Bamboo Craft Center and showed us the first quality bamboo crafts, which is one of products of OVOP movement.

Ten participants were amazed to see the high quality bamboo crafts there and all of them could understand the real meaning of high quality.


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