June 22, 2011 AM

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It was a real summer day in Tokyo with the temperature above 30 degrees Celsius..!


In Seminar Room 18, the participants first wrapped up on yesterday’s discussion. Then, from 10am, they attended the lecture by Special Advisor, Welfare Division for Persons with Disabilities, Dept. of Health and Welfare for Persons with Disabilities, Social Welfare and War-Victim’s Relief Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
The lecture was entitled ‘Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities in Japan’ and overviewed the contemporary welfare policies and services for persons with disabilities over the past 60 years. It also covered the recent movement towards a comprehensive welfare system that is intended to strongly reflect voices of those who have disabilities.


The lecture was very informative and interesting. In fact, the participants all asked a number of questions to the lecturer, whose sincere response to each question was very much appreciated.
Thanks must go to the Special Advisor for his time and talk. The participants gained an overall and systematic understanding of the welfare services for persons with disabilities in Japan.

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