June 29, 2011

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The purpose of the session was to learn what necessary skills for facilitation were, and how to become an effective facilitator through a participatory workshop. The lecturer has over 30 years of experience of conducting this kind of workshops throughout the world. The lecturer created an atmosphere favorable for a discussion.

All the participants were given the opportunity to speak up and express their opinions freely.


Also, he shared many important philosophies of the facilitator that he gained from his 30 years of experience.
The participants could learn not only from the lecturer, but also from one another through interactions.


The lecturer chose to use traditional materials in his teaching, such as pictures and paper documents, instead of digital equipments. He also introduced the participants to a role-play session. This was due to his policy to use materials and resources that are easy to understand as well as easy to find anywhere, including the participants’ own countries.


The session provided the participants with the great opportunity to gain very useful knowledge and also to think back deeply about the situation of their own communities and countries.


The day became a very meaningful one.

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