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AAATE 2007 – 9th European Conference for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe

San Sebastian, Spain, October 3 – 5, 2007

The conference will combine the core scientific and technological activity with market and social activities, bringing Assistive Technology research applications near to industry and end users. In parallel to the scientific conference, an industrial exhibition with last innovations in Assistive Technology will be launched and special sessions for industry and end users will be organized, including demonstrations and participative experiments.

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Techshare 2007

London, United Kingdom, October 4 – 5, 2007

The conference is an important event for professionals who are interested in technology and the role it plays in learning, work and society for people with disabilities. This year the conference is organised by RNIB in partnership with other leading disability organisations and we are looking for presentations that contribute to the conference content covering a variety of disabilities.


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The Help Group’s Summit 2007
Advances and Best Practices in Autism, Learning Disabilities & ADHD

Los Angeles, United States, October 5 – 6, 2007

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Oregon Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Disabled and Troubled Youth

Portland, United Sates, October 11 – 12, 2007

Teacher Professional Development Workshops, Posters, Online Classes to Stop Classroom Management Problems
Innovative counselor/teacher professional development workshops, books, strategies and posters to stop classroom and student behavior management problems

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ASSETS 2007 – Ninth International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Tempe, USA, October 14 – 17, 2007

The conferences is aimed at providing a technical forum for presenting and disseminating innovative research results that address the use of computing and information technologies to help persons with disabilities.


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On the Way to Success V

Edmonton, Canada, October 17 – 19, 2007

Contact: Alberta Society for the Visually Impaired Tel: (780) 453-8345

E-mail: info@asviedmonton.org

Twenty-fifth Annual Closing the Gap Conference

Minneapolis, USA, October 18 – 20, 2007

Topics will cover a broad spectrum of technology as it is being applied to all disabilities and age groups in education, rehabilitation, vocation, and independent living. People with disabilities, special educators, rehabilitation professionals, administrators, service/care providers, personnel managers, government officials, and hardware/software developers will share their experiences and insights at what has become known as the most significant networking experience of the year — the annual Closing The Gap Conference.

LEARN MORE CLOSING THE GAP SOLUTIONS MEMBERSHIP Cost Effective, Year-Round Professional Development, Evidence-Based Strategies, Resources and Tools +More ...

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7th National Guide & Assistance Dog Conference

Vancouver-Burnaby, Canada, October 18 – 20, 2007

Contact: Rosamund van Leeuwen
E-mail: rosamund@electriceye.ca

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