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International Conference on Tsunami Preparedness of Persons with Disabilities

Phuket, Thailand, January 11 – 12, 2007

Establishing international networking for Promotion of Tsunami Preparedness of Persons with Disabilities in the context of WSIS (United Nations World Summit on the Information Society) Plan of Action implementation by sharing information on; 1. Needs of Persons with Disabilities for Tsunami Preparedness with special attention to respective components of individual preparedness such as logical understanding on Tsunami, accessible communication channel for warning, and planned/confirmed evacuation route, 2. Best practices of Tsunami Preparedness promotion activities that meet the requirements of Persons with Disabilities, 3. On-going Tsunami Disaster Prevention/Mitigation initiatives at local/international level, 4.
Initiatives of Bridging the Digital Divide in the area of Disaster Preparedness of Persons with Disabilities as the implementation of WSIS Plan of Actions

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