This page introduces the activities of ex-participants around the world. It also provides details of the questionnaire sent to ex-participants and a summary of the responses. It can be called the heart of this site.

Leaders’ course has started on October 4, 2005.
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The leaders’ course and rehabilitation course have a history that goes back more than 20 years. This page takes you back in time.

As part of the follow-up program, a questionnaire was sent to 374 ex-participants, and information on the projects implemented by participants after their return home was collected. We introduce the projects when permission to do so was obtained. We look forward to receiving word from other JICA friends on their activities.

Questionnaire for JICA Follow-up Program 2004This page is an analysis of the results of the Questionnaire for JICA Follow-up Progarm.

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Twenty people from the rehabilitation course and thirty-three from the leaders’ course gave us permission to carry personal data. You need a password to open this page.

This page provides details of recent JICA training courses related to persons with disabilities.

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