November 17, 2006

The closing ceremony was followed by a farewell party. Teachers from Yamano College of Aesthetic, Mr. Yoshihiko NONAKA from JEED, staff of Saito-kobo, and many other people who were involved in the training came to see off the participants.

During the party, a ceremony was held to hand over six wheelchairs to the participants. Friendly Life Community had kindly collected used wheelchairs and students of Kanagawa Institute of Technology repaired and conditioned them. Mr. Shotaro YAMAGUCHI from Friendly Life Community came to hand over the wheelchairs today.

In many developing countries, majority of people cannot afford a wheelchair and they are forced to stay in a house, being deprived of the freedom of mobility. The participants will bring back a wheelchair not for their own use but for other people in need of wheelchair. These wheelchairs given today will go over the oceans and will change the life of persons with disabilities in other country.

Thank you very much to Friendly Life Community, Kanagawa Institute of Technology and all the donors of these six wheelchairs. To express their gratitude, the participants gave them handmade cards with their photos and with their thank-you messages.

Thanks to all the people involved in the program, we could finish the training course. Seven participants, we wish you good luck !

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