JICA Follow – up Nepal

Japan government under the JICA Program, a conference of Ex-participants, who had various training of disabilities in Japan, participated in Nepal on 6 may 2005. The conference has decided to establish JICA follow up Nepal program in Nepal and also conference has decided to co-ordinate and associate with JICA Nepal. JICA follow up Japan, JICA Alumni associates and etc. Coordinating and associating with the above organizations, JICA follow up Nepal will effectively uplift the programs and more ahead smoothly in Nepal, in near future on behalf of the disabilities.

This JICA follow-up Nepal conference has organized 9(nine) (1 member is to be added later) co-ordination committee to make its program more effective and empowerment and also decided to establish office of secretariat at Nepal Society of the Disabled until its further management.

Mr. Megushi NSHIMURA Assistant Resident Representative of JICA Nepal, was also participated in the conference.
The following members are under the coordination committee of JICA follow up Nepal

Co ordination committee of JICA

1) Mr. Rukmagat Nyaupane Co-ordinator
2) Mrs. Sushila Poudel Member
3) Mr. Dhundi Raj Chalise Member
4) Mr. Dipak Koirala Member
5) Mr. Bhupa Raj Khati Member
6) Mr. Pashupati Parajuli Member
7) Mr. Lok Raj Thapaliya Member
8) Mrs. Laxmi Devkota Member

Finally, I hope that I will get more support and suggestions on behalf of the disabilities in the days to come.

Thanking you

Rukmagat Nyaupane Co-ordinator – JICA Follow up Nepal President – Nepal Society of the Disabled G.P.O. Box 12389 Anamnager, Kathmandu, Nepal Ph No. 00977-1-4218672

Email nsd2051@yahoo.com

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