Mr. Gen Takeda established “Zao Suzushiro” in 1983 after his thirteen years experience at Special school for children with physical disabilities and eleven years at Special school for children with intellectual disabilities. At that time the graduates had only two choices, staying at home or being employed, however there weren’t many appropriate jobs for them, so Mr. Takeda started small-scale workshop

Detailed information : ZAO SUZUSHIRO–Sheltered Workshop for Persons with Intellectual Disability-(Non-residential facilities)

6 July 2005 -Orientation and self- introduction -Lecture on outline of Zao Suzushiro -Observation of the facility -Lecture on the management of Suzushiro *Why and how he chose “Tofu”(bean curd) and his philosophy behind it.

– Question and answer session

7 July 2005 -Experience Tofu making together with users *Participants experienced whole process up to cleaning the working site. -Singing songs together with users and participants answered the questions from users -Exchange views and ideas

-Question and answer session

8 July 2005 – Exchange views and ideas with Mr. Kajikawa, a vocational worker counselor for Kennan (Southern part of Miyagi prefecture) Employment and Living Support Center for Persons with Disabilities

– Wrap-up session and conclusion of the three-days training

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