General Information of Vocational Rehabilitation Course in 2006

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The Japanese Government extends official devlopment assistance (ODA) to partner countries to support self-help efforts that will lead to economic progress and a better life for the citizens of those countries.

Since its foundation in 1974, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has implemented Japan’s technical cooperation under the ODA program.

Currently, JICA conducts such activities as trainig, dispatch of experts, provision of equipment, project-type technical cooperation, development study, dispatch of cooperation volunteers (JOCV), survey and administration of capital grant aid programs.

The training program for overseas participants is one of JICA’s fundamental technical cooperation activities for partner countries. Participants come from overseas in order to obtain knowledge and technology in a wide variety of fields.

The objectives of the JICA training program are: (1) To contribute to the development of human resources who will promote the advancement of partnercountries, and (2) To contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship This course in Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities –Workshop Management- aims: (1) to enhance participants’ knowledge upon vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities (2) to improve participants’ skills of problem-solving, management of (sheltered) workshop/work center, facilitation and proposal writing, and (3) to give them an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions regarding provision of better services and development of better systems for persons with disabilities in their countries.

Information about the previous training courses can be obtained on “Training” pages at the “jicafriends” web site, which was created to promote exchanges among ex-participants of two training courses, “Leaders of Persons with Disabilities” and “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities.”

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