Pamikatsih NUGROHO (Ms.)

Course : Leaders Training 1999
Country : Indonesia
Name : Pamikatsih NUGROHO (Ms.)
Occupation : Director
Group : InterAct Foundation (Self Help Group for Persons with Disability)

Have you utilized the knowledge obtained in the course in your activities / projects?
If answer is “Yes”, please describe your activities / projects briefly.

  1. Name of Activity / Project : Peer concealing Period : 2001 – Now Your Responsibility : Counselor

    How did you utilize it : Leaning process from human care association in Hachioji.

  2. Name of Activity / Project : Accessibility campaign for free barriers in solo city Period : 2000 – Now Your Responsibility : Leader How did you utilize it : Leaning prose’s from simulation in Shinjuku.
  3. Name of Activity / Project : Leadership training (from Mr. Yoshi Ikezumi) Period : 2 time every year from 2000 year Your Responsibility : Instructor

    How did you utilize it : We are adopted the material training from Mr. Ikezumi.

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