2. Curriculum

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The program of the course in “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities –Workshop Management-” consists of three (3) stages.

(subject to change)

Stage (Period) Activities
Preliminary program in home country
(Jan. 2006—May. 2006)
  1. Submission of Inception Report
Program in Japan
(May 16, 2006—July 1, 2006)
  1. A series of lectures, dialogues, case studies and field studies
  2. Participation in World Bank Assembly
  3. Presentation of Inception Report
  4. Regional visits
  5. Management skills
  6. Facilitation skills
  7. Individual Training
  8. Submission of Interim Report
  9. Evaluation
Program in home country
(Jul. 2006—Dec. 2006)
  1. Submission of Final Report
  2. Certification and Finalization

(Please note that this is a provisional curriculum.)

Purpose: In preparation for the program, each applicant is required to write Inception Report on the subjects given in ANNEX II. The main objective of the report is to clarify problems related to the disability employment in home country and set up own objectives of the training course.

Submission: by March 16, 2006 together with the Nomination Form (A2 A3 Form) to JICA local office (or Embassy of Japan). It should be typewritten on A4 size paper, between 5 to 10 pages.

Note: Participants will make a presentation during the course based on Inception Report. Make sure to bring the report by data in floppy disks, USB memory sticks, or CD-ROMs. For the presentation, audiovisual aids, such as Power Point, a video player, slide projector, OHC and OHP are available.

Stage 2 : Program in Japan (May 16, 2006 – July 1, 2006)

(2) Lectures and Visits

Purpose: To understand the present situation and historical background of the vocational rehabilitation and employment promotion of persons with disabilities through lectures and visits to (sheltered) workshops/work centers, private corporations and companies, and related government offices.


  1. a. Present social status of persons with disabilities in Japan
  2. b. National policies and measures of Japan for persons with disabilities
  3. c. Historical development of rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities in Japan with comparison to other countries
  4. d. Vocational rehabilitation services in Japan
  5. e. Employment measures for persons with disabilities in Japan
  6. f. Social employment and (sheltered) workshop/work center movement in Japan
(3) Participation in the World Bank Annual Assembly in Tokyo

Purpose: To meet the personnel related to the development and infrastructure, increase the world awareness on disability issues in development and to enhance knowledge of participants on the topic.

Theme: “Infrastructure and Development (temporary subject)”

(4) Presentation of Inception Report


  1. To lay the foundation of mutual understanding among the participants and the Japanese relevant personnel concerning the present status and issues of persons with disabilities especially in employment, social participation, vocational rehabilitation services and (sheltered) workshops/work centers in the participants’ countries.
  2. To clarify the problems in their own country and set up their respective objectives for this course.
(5) (Sheltered) Workshop/Work-center Management Skill

Purpose: To understand the basics of rehabilitation services, marketing, accounting, production control, and public relations through practical work experiences in (sheltered) workshops/work centers.

(6) Facilitator Skills Training

Purpose: To develop participants’ basic facilitation skills

(7) Regional Visits

Purpose: To understand measures or activities taken by the local government or local community.

(8) Individual Training

Purpose: To experience and study individually according to each participant’s own interests in (sheltered) workshops/work centers, management and related vocational rehabilitation services.

(9) Presentation of Interim Report

Purpose: All participants are requested to submit Interim Report which describes project ideas and action plans to improve the employment of persons with disabilities in their country.

(10) Evaluation

Stage 3 Program in Home Country (July 2006 – December 2006)

(10) Submission of Final Report (Program in home country)

Purpose: On their return to the home country all participants are expected to carry out a project of the employment promotion of persons with disabilities in their organizations. Within five (5) months of their return, it is required to submit Final Report to JICA TOKYO and inform the progress of the project. You may attach related information, articles, media coverage of your organization, government and JICA local office, if necessary. The report should be submitted both in written form by post and also by e-mail to JICA TOKYO.

Address: 49-5, Nishihara 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0066, Japan

Please note that this course does not complete only in Japan but the participants are expected to report and carry out their plan in their home country. The certificate will be sent by post to each participant by JICA upon successful completion of Final Report.


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