Part 3 : Program design and methodology

  • All steps need inclusion : preparation, program, and post-program activities
  • How will you run the program?
  • Include details on preparation and preliminary steps before actually running the program
  • Show a clear time frame for each step and a logical progression
  1. Comprehensive needs analysis of 5~7 organizations
  2. Create information sheets on each group prior to roundtable/information session
  3. Roundtable/discussion session featuring 5~7 nonprofits organizations
  4. Obtain information on interested employees with the nonprofits
  5. Based on Staff information and nonprofit needs, match employees with organizations and create schedule
  6. Monthly monitoring of organizations
  7. Evaluation at 3 and 6 month intervals
  • Who will take part in your program?
  • Why is this program meaningful for these people?
  • Are there organizations you can work with?

FIRST discuss then outline your plan on paper (2-4 pages)

  • Outline you Plan an method for running the program
  • Describe the people who will take part in your program
  • Describe the expected impact of your project.
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