June 06, 2006

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We left TIC early in the morning and visited Saitama Prefectural University for presenting Inception Report.

Our course leader, Mr. Ichiro Maruyama and committee member, Mr. Masaya Asahi are teaching at this university.

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Before the presentation Mr. Maruyama showed us around the university.

Saitama Prefecture established the barrier-free ordinance, so all the rest rooms are designed for wheelchair users and space for wheelchairs is made in each classroom. And also all signboards are written both in Japanese and English. We were all very impressed by the modern equipments and facilities.

Inception Report Presentation started from 11:00. JICA Program Officer, Mr. Nonaka, committee member, the students and professors of the university came to listen participants’ presentation.

Program (20mins. presentaion/15minus. Q&A per person)

We could get to know with each other and deepen our friendship through the presentations..

I would like to report that everybody was so relieved and in a good humor in the bus to TIC.

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