June 20, 2006

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We left Omiya station at 8:54 by Bullet train “Komachi” for Akita Prefecture.

Inside the Bullet train

We enjoyed our lunch in Bullet train and arrived at Akita station at 12:37.

After we met Mr. Maruyama at Akita View Hotel, we visited Akita Prefectural Office together to have lectures on prefectural and municipal policies and measures for welfare and employment of persons with disabilities.We met Mr. Shigeru Fukuda from Department of Health and Welfare for Persons with Disabilities, Akita Prefectural, who will accompany us during our stay in Akita. “Nice meeting you, Fukuda san”

Welfare Policy for persons with disabilities in Akita Prefecture [ PDF (174KB) ]

Measures to Promote Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Akita Prefecture [ PDF (25KB) ]

Employment Conditions for Persons with Disabilities in Private Companies [ PDF (116KB) ]

Akita City’s Welfare Policy for Persons with Disabilities [ PDF (24KB) ]

Why Akita?

Massive conference room

Meeting with Director Generals

Seriously studying

One of the objects for local visit program is to learn about the prefectural measures and plannings for the National Sport Games for Persons with Disabilities. The 7th Games will be held in Akita Prefecture next year.In order to make it successful and to encourage people living in Akita, both Akita Prefectural government and Akita municipal office put in great efforts to tackle this national event.

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