June 21, 2006

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In the morning we visited “Welview Izumi”, welfare facility complex where various different facilities are located in one building, such as a nursery, a sheltered workshop for persons with intellectual disabilities, a day care center for elderly people as well as residential facility for elderly people. Director of the complex explained on the outline of “Welview Izumi” and showed us from the 1st to the 3rd floor. This complex enables children, elderly people and persons with disabilities interact with each other and produces a friendly atmosphere. After observation we could enjoy Japanese traditional dancing’s performed by community volunteers. A reporter from TV Akita came to film and interview seven guest from Asian countries and they were broadcasted the news on TV twice.

Filmed by TV

Interviewed by TV

Explanation on the complex

In the afternoon we visited Akita Prefectual Office to pay a courtesy call to Governor of Akita Prefecture. We were quite nervous to see the Governor at the beginning, however he warmly welcomed us and made us relax. A participant from Malaysia expressed appreciation words.

Together with Governor

After the courtesy visit we moved to the conference room to have a lecture on the Basic Plans for “Akita Wakasugi Taikai”, the 7th National Sports Games for Persons with Disabilities which is going to be held during October 13 (Sat) – 15 (Mon), 2007. This Sports Games are not only for persons with physical disabilities but also persons with intellectual disabilities, and from 2008 persons with psychiatric disabilities will take part in the Games. At the end a mascot for the Games “Sugitti” suddenly appeared in front of us and we were so happy to take photos together with “Sugitti”. All of us would like to pray for success of Sprots Games in Akita 2007.

Persons in charge of Sports Game


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