A newspaper article about Veronica (Leaders'course 2004)

Quadraplegic woman proposes an engraving workshop as an example of self employment.

(Left her picture, and her cat’s) PROPOSAL
Veronica trusts her project will march due to the publicity enterprises need.

“There are persons with some type of disability employed earning a miserable salary because they are considered second class workers, and what we want is that if they are going to be employees, to have a good salary.”

(Left the picture with Jose) OFFER
Her house will be a learning place for persons with special abilities interested in the project.

A great problem of PWDs is the high costs of medication, specialists, devices and of course lack of well paid employment to solvent them. In her struggle to improve the quality of life of persons of this sector, Veronica Rodriguez created a workshop plan, engraving publicity on glass and ceramic items.

Impossiblized to move legs and arms due to a quadraplegia caused by a car accident Veronica keeps active searching for better conditions for those that like her have a different condition.

The project

A glass and ceramic engraving workshop is Veronica’s proposal. She’s looking for companies that want to publicize themselves through products like cups, etc. at a competitive price and discounts.

She explains that the engraving can be done with easy to handle machinery, even using a wheelchair, as the only part of the body needed are the hands.

The best, Veronica explains, is that it’s a well paid job. “We think it’s an excellent idea because all companies need publicity and it can leave us a profit.”

The project includes training at the workshop she will establish at her own house, since she is willing to adapt half of the space.

Training will be supported by psychological and emotional therapy so employees can recover their self esteem and will work better.

Veronica presented this project in Japan, where she assisted a training course for leaders of persons with disabilities.

As the first person in the world with quadraplegia benefit with a scholarship from that country, Veronica evaluates the differences between Japan – that worries and is occupied of this sector- and Mexico, where PWDs are a forgotten group. The biggest differences are the conditions, the facilities to study and work given to persons with different abilities.

In the D.F. there are at least 163 thousand 500 persons with disability that every day face the lack of culture, of opportunities to lead a dignified life, comfortable and selfsufficient; in whom Veronica thought of to elaborate her project.

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