Annual Report for The Year 2004

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Last year 2004, CBR beneficiaries were very thankful for the services that we shared them through medical, referrals, training and seminars for empowerment. Also, we thank you very much, our partners/cooperative LGU who always have the helping hands to reach our needed beneficiaries.

We held the orientation about the Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. (TWHI) – CBR program in Subay Island, Cardona Rizal in the last week of August. The Barangay of Subay was thankful for the time that we spent with them because many patients really need assistance especially for PT/OT treatment. Once a month the PT/OT staff and volunteers go to Subay Island for treatment and at the same time to teach the families of patients for the continuing of treatment. We were inspired in supporting them because the Municipality of Cardona is also very supportive of our cause.

Cardona clinic was open till December until Ms. Bacay (PT volunteer) resigned. It was decided to close the clinic temporarily until further notice because of lack of PT staff. It was suggested that a CRV (Community Rehab Volunteer) handle the clinic but unavailability was still the problem.

September 12—13, 2004 in Jala Jala center, an Eye medical mission was held in coordination with Ephpheta Development Foundation (provided the equipments of screening/operation, 4 ophthalmologist and 2 nurses) and Jala Jala Municipality/Jala Jala Municipal Health Office (provided the operation room and some materials for surgery.) For our part we provided the food/transportation of the Doctors, nurses, volunteers and patients. Out of 62 patients from different Rizal areas, 18 of them were been operated for cataract and 5 patients for teredium.

Luckily, we have a new partner (OUR LADY OF PEACE located in Parañaque) for CBR beneficiaries needing assistance for medical especially those who have disability on cleft/lip palette. Our Lady of Peace accommodated our patients because of the agreement that TWHI-CBR’s counterpart is transportation every Monday and the CBR coordinator/volunteers assisted the patients during the check up. December 6, 2004, we brought 9 cleft/lip palette patients on the said hospital and last Dec. 28 one patient has been operated.

Our partnership with the URS Morong for the comparative study of breeding/Tilapia in tanks had already finished last May 2004, but we now in coordination with another agency that had earlier expressed their interest to partner with Jala Jala center for the breeding of prawns.

b) Describe the magnitude of the need you address.

Livelihood Program is the number one needed assistance in Rizal community, as most of the people are jobless and spend their time the whole day doing nothing. We do not stop knocking the hearts of most agencies who might be of support to them. Also, as most of our beneficiaries in Rizal community lack education because of their poverty, we also assist them in the educational needs of their children

through the cooperation of the Assisi Development Foundation.

Another big concern is the medical assistance we provide through generous support of some private agencies.

c) Please give some output related statistics.

EYE – WORK (Outside base hospital):
Total = 62

ORTHOPAEDIC WORK (Outside base hospital):
Total = 143

Training (educational) under 6 months:
Total = 143

TWH staff: Total = 95

CBM supported = 10

Scholarship Program:

For the year 2004-2005, we have a total of 36 beneficiaries for our Tulong Sa Edukasyon (TSE) under the supervision of CBR Program through the support of Assisi Development Foundation. Out of 36 beneficiaries, 23 are High School, 8 in Elementary and 5 are already in college. With the cooperation of all the partners concerned, we are very hopeful that most of these students will make it in college so as to be able to help their families in the future.


2. Comparison of planned output with actual output. Referring to the last year compare you your plans with the result.

Which of these targets have been achieved?

Planned output (2003):

  • More CBR visit in the community to enhance community awareness.
  • Monthly check on the previous participants to know how they applied their newly acquire skills from our training/seminars.
  • We are planning to apply for the “Botika ng Barangay” (Pres. GMA’s project) which we plan to put up inside of Jala-Jala Center and have it operated by one of our coordinator who has attended the Botika ng Barangay seminar. She can open the drug store in the morning and do her CBR work in the afternoon.
  • Promote the Jala Jala (JJ) center in other agencies in order to get them to conduct their seminar/training on our center for additional income.
  • Coordinate some Physical/Occupational schools to be affiliated in our center to increase the intern.
  • Put up disabled village children with either Jala-Jala or Cardona as pilot community.
  • Conduct at least three training/seminars in Rizal Community.

Actual output (2004):

  • Community Awareness seminar was a big help in our CBR program because the participants helped us to introduced our CBR program in other rural areas. Although most of the municipalities are still not interested in CBR, we continue through with our program for the sake of the needing beneficiaries.
  • During our area visit, we are happy for the participants of Basic Rehabilitation and Community awareness because they are now applying for what they have learned on that seminar.
  • The requirements and room for Botika Ng Barangay is done and we are now waiting for the final approval of the Department Of Health.
  • Since the building is not yet finished we cannot yet invite seminar/training in the center. But the Senior Citizens and Women’s group in Jala Jala usually held their meeting and seminar in our JJ center.
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) section affiliated school is UST have one year contract from March 2004—March 2005 we have an average of 3 OT interns per month. Physical Therapist (PT) section affiliated school is Angeles University Foundation and their contract is nine months from May 2004—February 2005. We have an average of 2 PT interns per month.
  • Due to the severe case of children that we encountered we cannot achieve as per plan to put up a disabled children’s village in either Jala-Jala or Cardona as pilot community.
  • Community/parents awareness was only conducted in Rizal community but this is continuous through the participants/coordinators/volunteers/PT/OT/CBR staff.

How did CBM grants helped to reach these targets ?

  • Monthly grants – Through these grants our program is continuously helping in our community,
  • especially now that TWHI has been affected with economic crisis.

  • Trainings/Seminars – This is good step to help our brothers and sisters in Rizal community. Most of the participants are now able to apply what they have learned during the seminar, helping them to become empowered and independent.


The political situation held last year had affected most of our concerned areas, especially those who had changed in the Municipal Administration. It came as a setback to our program as we need to introduce again our program to those new Mayors to get their support.

On the positive side, through our CBR program, many pwd’s are already aware of their rights in the society. As we have already established good track of record to our partners and beneficiaries, we have good networking with most agencies and willing to help for CBR client (pwd’s/indigent) especially in medical.


4. Targets for the next year. What are your main targets for the next year ?

  • Continue to encourage and lobbying to the LGU concerns for partnership works .
  • Cataract medical mission part 2 this coming November 2005.
  • Put up a satellite production of Hand Made paper in Jala Jala center with target workers of disabled persons/family of disabled in Jala Jala.
  • An operational JJ center for CBR, Retreat & Seminar house.
  • Enhanced and increased medical assistance to CBR beneficiaries.
  • Continuous networking with other agencies for partnership.


5. Summary of general resources at the project. Please give a short description of:

The manpower development within your project.

We understand that the allowance/transportation provided for our CBR coordinators/volunteers is not enough but we really appreciate their dedication to help for the pwd’s and indigent people in their community. No hesitation on their part can be seen as far as sharing of knowledge and even with a limited resources, they are always ready to help. The seminars and training provided for them had greatly help increase their moral and spiritual values.

The results of training courses.

  • Lakbay Aral – It was pleasure to meet those organizations also involved in CBR works, most especially the Simon of Cyrene in Albay. We are thankful for the warm accommodation they accorded to our group. Through this Lakbay Aral, our PT’s have intensified commitment to allot even once/twice a month of area treatment and visit to check patients and participants of the Basic Rehab Skills training. We submitted the evaluation report for Simon of Cyrene (please find attached the said evaluation).
  • Community/Parents Awareness – Most of our participants were new to the topics we introduced in the seminar. Feedbacks received from them were quite motivational, as most of them were cleared of the negative thoughts about disability.

Please find attached the selected photos for the said training.

The condition of equipment being important for your daily work.

The service vehicle was very important for our daily works especially for the area visitation in the remote area and service for CBR meeting.

Please tell us in how far capacity building training and activities are moving towards sustainability.

Training and seminars aiming to enhance skills and capacity had been very useful in terms of empowerment and independence. From center based to home based, our basic rehabilitation skills training had truly been very helpful to families who gained the basic rehabilitation skills training. It not only serves as a bonding opportunity for families but also serves them on therapy expense. Livelihood training also serves as another venue for more income opportunities for beneficiaries who attended such training.

The activity to renovate and become operational on JJ center will not only serve as a CBR center but also livelihood center to cater for job opportunities in the area which in term will become an income generating for Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc.


6. Others. State any comments you would like to CBM

Our sincerest gratitude for CBM International through CBM Seapro for your continuous support in TWHI-CBR’s program. Despite of the economic crisis that TWHI’s encountered we can’t stopped to help/assist them especially for the disabled people. Through our CBR program they realized that disability is not hindrance because we have an ability to be productive individual and contribute in our society.

Also, for their medical problem they are very thankful because we can help them through referred and accompany them in our partner’s agencies to availed free check up, operation and discounted medicine.

Again, for CBMI Thank You Very Much and More Power!

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