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Rehabilitation Training 1988

Country Brazil
Name Minako Sao (Ms)
Occupation Occupational Therapist (OT)
Group Sao Paulo Prefecture, PCA Centenario de Vila Prudente, 108

Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

We could make seminar about dishospitalization process of the confined HD Pacientand about the “imported cases” of “Dekasseguis” in relation to HD patients attention on medical, psico-social aspects. Visiting some hospitals and prefecture units this, I have to consult authorities before. *Describe your future plans in the disability field if any. Space for meeting, communication is the priority. That space could be used as person’s desire with some proposition, forum, workshop, symposium, culture land artistic production visiting exposition, rehabilitation.

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I will make the possible cooperation in attention of Hansen disease

  • I had to be trained on theory and practice to work in this area.
  • At same time Ifm voluntary in MORHAN (movimento de reintegração de pessoas atingidas pela hanseníase)
  • That participation accelerated understanding of the aspects involved in relation to the disease.
  • Brasil is the Second after India in cases of it.
  • In 2002/August, we made the Seminar with participation of Sasagawa Memorial Foundation, Dr.Yo Yuasa, after participation on International Congress in Salvador-Bahia.
  • In training courses for São Paulo prefectures Health Worbers, in ganeral , I participate as Monitor.

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